Sales Tech Benchmark Infographic: Which are the most commonly used sales technologies

In late 2017, we went to field with our first annual Sales Stack Benchmark Survey to identify which are the most commonly used sales technologies, and which are being considered most for the year ahead, among other things. Our aim was to get a clear view of what a typical sales stack looks like and how it will evolve over time.

A sales stack is a collection of software solutions that support a sales organization’s efforts to generate revenue.

We did indeed discover that there are 4 common solutions which we’re calling the “4 Pillars of a Sales Stack.” Together, these solutions; CRM, Online Meetings, ESignatures, and Lead Database/List building were by far, the most favored solutions.

Over time, our goal is to track how Sales Tech usage evolves and whether, and how, it differs based on company, size, and industry.

There are two ways you can get access to the research

  1. View our Infographic with key stats such as average number of tools in use, average spend, future purchase drivers and more. 
  2. Sign-up for the complimentary webinar being hosted by Adobe Sign, Tuesday, July 24th. We’ll be reviewing the findings from the study. Those that register will get a full copy of the research report findings. During the webinar, we’ll cover how your sales organization can identify which tools can help your sales team achieve the biggest impact for the investment.

Or, do both!

It’s important to know which solutions are the most common, and how your organization compares in tool usage and spending. This is a unique time. You have the opportunity to use sales technology as a competitive advantage. At some point, when the market catches up to you, it will be table stakes. Why not start now to identify how you can separate from the pact with the smart use of technology?