game chang·er
an event, idea, or technology that causes a significant shift in the current manner of doing or thinking about something.
“a potential game changer that could revitalize the entire US aerospace industry”

The Smart Selling Tools community knows about our weekly Executive Interview Series. Each interview is an opportunity to learn about different solutions and what way they’re changing the game for sellers. Pretty cool, right?

Everyone wants to know how and whether a sales technology will help them sell more, in less time, at the right price, or with less cost. We refer to those as the 4 Golden Goals of sales organizations. They ring true for anyone that wants to grow profitable revenue…and who doesn’t want that?

The first question of each interview is perhaps the most important, “What are the top 3 ways your solution changes the game for a sales organization?” It’s a direct, to-the-point question. Net it out.

We’re netting it out for you. In this quarterly magazine, in a glance, you can see how 10 executives answered that question. From Bigtincan to VanillaSoft.

So, what are these game-changing solutions?

Recent analyst firm studies show that nowadays sales reps are spending only 35 – 40% (CSO Insights reports even less) of their time on actual selling. The rest is taken by internal and administrative activities. Sounds scary, huh? SmartCloud Connect brings data from CRM directly to your email and calendar sidebar AND it automatically updates your data in CRM from your email and calendar. After rollout of their product, typical sales orgs spend 20 – 30% more time selling, which is really a game changer.

We all know CRM is ineffective when it comes to the process of qualifying sales leads. For example, when using CRM, sales leads are engaged by a salesperson less than two times on average, with 48% of new leads never being contacted, and the average time to contact a new lead taking in excess of 35 hours! That’s why sales engagement platforms, like VanillaSoft, change the game for sales organizations. Sitting between the marketing automation and CRM platforms, it takes marketing qualified leads, then sales qualifies them, then passes them onto the CRM for pursuit.

The Bigtincan Hub Sales Enablement Automation Platform redefines sales, marketing, and service processes by meeting the demands of the mobile worker and automatically providing the best and most relevant content right to their feed to ultimately “learn faster, sell smarter, and win more.”

Are you always aware when your customers are going to churn? How easy is it for your company to upsell and cross sell? How many customer advocates do you have? Strikedeck, a Customer Success solution, enables sales and customer success teams to reduce churn, drive customer loyalty and trust, and maximize revenue through innovative automation and integration technologies.

As the market shifts from volume-based to targeted sales and marketing strategies like ABM, InsideView helps organizations to understand their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), build their Total Addressable Market (TAM), and pinpoint who they should target. TAM is broken down by geographic area, size, industry, etc. so sales management and operations can plan where salespeople need to be assigned. Plus their solution helps sales orgs stay informed of breaking news, keep track of key players, and navigate their way through the buying committees with real-time market intelligence embedded in a CRM system.

Membrain makes HOW TO SELL come to life by placing best-practice sales process and methodology directly into your workflow, making it informative and actionable. They integrate performance management, enablement content, sales analytics, and coaching capabilities, which results in a complete platform for the B2B sales team. Those capabilities sit on top of an integrated CRM system so that you can replace traditional CRM systems, which usually have poor adoption rates. Simply put, they increase B2B sales effectiveness.

What if you could reduce your ramp time by 40%? That’s how LevelJump can help by building interactive training programs linked to CRM outcomes (like closed deals and pipeline created) directly inside Salesforce.

Mediafly focuses on making sales people more effective by providing them with the most current sales ready content in an elegant application. That application allows sales professionals to organize, present, and share that content so they have a more engaging experience with their customers.

Unlike other data providers, DiscoverOrg offers a foundation of deep, accurate and constantly-verified prospecting data, so marketing and sales teams can take the quickest route to hit their next growth goal.

What’s the most valuable resource for a sales rep? Time. With the Modus sales enablement solution, sales reps are able to save time on custom-branded sales presentations by utilizing an AI enabled virtual assistant that combines customer information and recommended media.

Those are just a few highlights. Download your free copy of the magazine here to read more about these technologies and the top 3 reasons each changes the game for a sales organization.