In this series, we ask Sales Tech Executives to describe how their solution can change a sales organization in a significant way. We call it Sales Tech Game Changers.

This week I interview Lyamen Savy, VP of  Marketing at PipelineDeals.

How to Drive Effective Relationship Management

Nancy: What are the top 3 ways your solution changes the game for a sales organization?

Lyamen: PipelineDeals was founded in 2006 with the mission to give any business the power to build game-changing relationships. We’ve been successful because we understand the value of the sales process and how to drive effective relationship management. PipelineDeals was created with the salesperson in mind, how they function, what they need, and what will help them to succeed.

One of the most important things a salesperson must do is maintain significant business relationships. Insights into those relationships are dynamic, and the best salespeople are always aiming to nurture them.

To manage those insights, we’ve created a suite of powerful tools that arm sales reps and their managers with the ability to organize and develop their customer relationships. At the same time, reps and managers gain visibility into each stage of their sales pipeline. This sales pipeline visibility helps sales reps be more productive and gives managers the data they need to help their team improve.

We offer game-changing solutions that empower a modern sales team to be as productive as possible through:

1.) Ease of use

The first step to success with CRM, in our view, is to make sure there’s incredible ease of use. If a solution is difficult to use, then no one will bother to learn it or use it. Our software is designed with a salesperson’s needs in mind and built to help reps maximize the time they spend building relationships with customers. It’s simple to search, update, and follow-up within the app.

According to G2 Crowd, an independent analyst firm, 83% of our customers fully adopt and use our CRM. That’s a remarkable number, and we’re aiming to boost adoption rates even higher in the coming year. Given that most businesses struggle to get greater than 50% of their team to use a CRM, we believe that PipelineDeals is the best choice for the SMB.

2.) A unique suite of pipeline tools

A second game changer is our suite of pipeline tools which have the pipeline sales process in mind. For instance, the CRM helps automate the mundane and repetitive tasks that salespeople must do so that they can spend more time with their customers.

Additionally, we’ve built our software to look familiar to tools that salespeople are already comfortable using. For example, familiar looking List Views with inline editing allow users to quickly grasp how to see and update their entire sales pipeline in one view.

We also have unique CRM sales features like the Morning Coffee Report which is sent to every customer’s inbox each day. It provides a daily snapshot of their current pipeline which builds a regular daily rhythm to start their day.

Our platform also centers on features that promote creating valuable business relationships with visibility, organization, and insight while deal pages consolidate all activities, contacts, documents, tasks, and events.

3.) Real customer service

A third game-changing aspect is our commitment to customer service. When customers have questions, they can call our offices and speak with a PipelineDeals customer care ambassador. Our customer care ambassadors are trained PipelineDeals experts based in our Seattle or Philadelphia offices, and their assistance is provided to all customers free-of-charge.

We are proud to have a dedicated and professional customer service team because we believe our customers should be able to get the help they want conveniently. In the end, we want our CRM users to be as productive as possible so that they can reach their sales goals. Our team of customer service professionals assists with online and mobile products, offering the tech support they need.

Nancy: What are the top 5 things your solution allows salespeople to do better, or faster than they can today?

Lyamen: Salespeople have busy schedules. PipelineDeals was built with salespeople and account managers in mind, and is designed to help them tackle their most important tasks. Our solution takes their activities and organizes them into a flexible, interactive tool that gives a broad look into potential and current customers. By having access to trends, insights, and customer purchasing histories, sales teams can anticipate what their clients want and need. Better customer relationships equal higher customer satisfaction. Here are the top five things salespeople are doing better with PipelineDeals:

1.) Pipeline visibility

As our name alludes to, our software is designed with the sales pipeline in mind. With PipelineDeals, your business will have visibility to where each potential sale is within your business’s unique sales pipeline. Customize deal stages and utilize deal tracking metrics to understand where each deal is, where deals are getting stuck, and which deals need attention.

Through the CRM, salespeople can bring the leads in their current pipeline to life and prioritize sales activity as necessary. Features include keeping track of pipeline volume, wins and losses. Our Morning Coffee Report is a unique feature we created that generates a daily email showing the latest sales pipeline numbers.

2.) Decrease the time it takes to close deals

Effective salespeople build excellent relationships, and the best salespeople have systems in place to keep track of their relationships. PipelineDeals makes that happen with the click of a button, easy navigation, and friendly dashboards. For example, each deal added in PipelineDeals gets its own comprehensive page. There are 12 standard data fields, unlimited custom fields, and options for customization that consolidate all activities, people, documents, tasks, and events. Another great feature to showcase this point is our real-time status updates. From the PipelineDeals homepage, the latest deal activity can be viewed by clicking on that deal.

3.) Mobile

In today’s mobile world, selling on-the-go keeps businesses competitive. Technology should not tether a sales team to the office. A CRM should go where the sales team needs to go. PipelineDeals is available on mobile devices with no extra costs or application requirements. Unlike many CRM competitors, unlimited mobile access is included for free when you buy PipelineDeals. That includes our free iPhone and Android app, as well as optimized mobile browser access.

4.) Insights

We believe cultivating relationships are essential to better business outcomes. Salespeople and account managers are tasked today with maintaining more connections than ever. That’s why our solution works off of two primary ways we communicate: email and voice. PipelineDeals software keeps track of that activity automatically. As a result, PipelineDeals becomes a useful, real-time hub of all customer interaction so organizations can have a full view of customer relationships. We help salespeople know which relationships need attention.

5.) Increased productivity

Being productive has much to do with being organized. PipelineDeals gives salespeople the communication tools they need to be productive which makes them better equipped to drive more sales.

For example, a team will know when relationships are up for renewal or when they must contact a customer. The best insight and communications processes help businesses coordinate across teams, eliminate redundancy and save time.

Nancy: Describe the first 30 days after a company purchases your solution.

Lyamen: We are a CRM for the entire team – from those new to the workforce to people who have had a long sales career. Our software is usable and approachable to the multi-generational workforce. Many of our customers are using a CRM for the first time, and that’s why we are dedicated to supporting them with as much accessibility as possible. In fact, most customers deploy PipelineDeals in two weeks or less, without the need to employ a third-party consultant. That is quite a significant difference from other solutions which can require months of customization and several third-party consultants to get the system up and running. 95% of our clients implement and deploy PipelineDeals in-house.

From the start of purchase, our Customer Success team reaches out to assist clients with onboarding the CRM. Our team also provides access to free webinars which touch on topics including specific functionalities, overall use, and new features. Finally, if there are any issues with implementation, customer service is just a phone call away. Our trained professionals, based in Seattle or Philadelphia, are on hand during business hours to answer any queries. Customer support teams are available for as long as a company is with us, and not just for a limited time. While we have a lot of support, customer feedback has proven that launching PipelineDeals has been a straightforward process because it is easy to use.

Nancy: How have companies determined the ROI of your solution?

Lyamen: We price and deliver PipelineDeals so that our customers can realize a return on their investment (ROI) quickly. According to G2 Crowd, an independent analyst firm, our customers see an ROI after eight months, compared to a length of 19 and 20 months with our competitors.

Our solution does not require consultants, system administrators, and other extra personnel to get things up running initially. Moreover, you won’t need full-time administrators to run our software, unlike some of our larger competitors. That saves tremendously on costs. That’s why we continue to deliver a consistently lower total cost of ownership (TCO) to our customers.

Nancy: What should companies do to ensure success of your solution?

Lyamen: While our solution is proven to be easy to use, one challenge that many businesses have is that they do not have a consistent sales process across their organization. Many companies we work with have a sales process on paper. However, in practice, many businesses struggle to get their reps to adhere to a consistent sales process. When you’re implementing a CRM, make sure that you revisit your sales process with your entire team. Don’t be afraid to make changes to your sales process or retrain your team, and make sure that they understand how your CRM will help facilitate the implementation of your sales process.

Nancy: What are some good resources if someone wanted to learn what questions to ask, what others are doing, and purchase considerations?

Lyamen: Our website contains a bevy of useful information for those considering PipelineDeals. Online, you’ll find links to a series of free webinars called Grow University. These webinars address common customer inquiries, how to use the CRM software, a deep-dive into various features, and interviews with industry leaders who have advice on the tool itself, the sales process, or game-changing relationships. We also publish our blog which has useful content about CRM industry trends, the sales industry, and posts that address our clients’ pain points. To assist with purchase considerations, we also have a series of customer profiles and case studies that detail their PipelineDeals implementation from start to finish and how they have managed to reach their business goals.

Nancy: Who benefits most from your solution?

Lyamen: We work primarily with B2B businesses in the SMB space. While each business has their own unique sales process, our most successful clients tend to have multi-stage sales processes. Many of the businesses that we work with use PipelineDeals to manage ongoing customer relationships, and business development for new clients.

We have clients throughout the world, and there are a myriad of industries represented which exemplifies how our solution is easily adaptable in so many sectors. Our most popular industries include software, marketing, construction, manufacturing, freight & logistics, and high tech.

Nancy: How is PipelineDeals moving forward to keep up with the pace of technology today?

Lyamen: We’ve carefully designed PipelineDeals with salespeople and account managers in mind. In particular, we’re focused on how to make salespeople and account managers jobs easier. From that commitment, the next step is to continually look for ways to improve our offering to meet changes and needs in the industry. For example, our solution takes into account the prevalence of big data and the insights that sales leaders want to achieve. As a result, PipelineDeals has the power to help our clients shape customer experiences in more compelling and useful ways.

We understand that the pace of change in technology is accelerating at incredible rates. PipelineDeals meets the needs of multiple generations of users and is the most adopted CRM in the SMB market today.