In this series, we ask Sales Tech Executives to describe how their solution can change a sales organization in a significant way. We call it Sales Tech Game Changers.

This week I interview Brendan Cournoyer, VP of Marketing for Brainshark. Connect with him on Twitter or LinkedIn.

How to Improve Sales Enablement & Readiness

Nancy: What are the top 3 ways your solution changes the game for a sales organization?

Brendan: Brainshark provides a comprehensive platform for sales enablement and readiness. We help sales organizations in a number of ways, but three I would highlight are:

  1. Answering the question, ‘Are your sales reps ready?’: This might sound simple, but it’s amazing how many organizations struggle to answer this question. Every company provides some form of sales training. But confirming that a seller has reviewed a training course and knowing whether they can actually demonstrate mastery of that material when it counts are two different things. Brainshark elevates sales training by providing tools, assessments, and dashboards that help our customers answer this question with confidence.
  2. Providing a system for perpetual readiness: The knowledge and skills salespeople need – and the level at which they need them – is always changing. Brainshark provides a more effective way to get that information out to your salespeople when, where, and how they work, to help ensure they’re continuously prepared to make the most of every buyer interaction, even as your business and products evolve.
  3. Streamlining coaching and assessments to keep sellers on-message: More recently, we’ve taken video coaching to the next level, with AI-based auto-scoring and feedback that simplifies the process. This machine analysis can be used by reps as a practice tool to improve their performance, while enabling managers and coaches to save time and more quickly identity areas that require their attention.

Nancy: What are the top 5 things your solution allows salespeople to do better, or faster than they can today?

Brendan: Brainshark improves sales enablement and readiness for sales organizations in a number of key ways:

  1. Create memorable, more engaging content: Brainshark doesn’t just help you manage your content and training, it also makes it easy to create video-based learning assets yourself – and do it quickly. You can add narration to PowerPoints and other files, produce webcam or screen recording videos, add interactive elements like quizzes, polls and attachments, and a lot more – it provides a lot of flexibility for sales enablement leaders.
  2. Provide fast, easy access to training material and other sales resources: Again, we believe in the importance of enabling sellers when, where, and how they work. With Brainshark you can provide formal learning paths or make content available anytime as needed, and reps can access it all quickly via Brainshark, our Mobile App, or integrated within the same systems they use every day, including CRMs like Salesforce or Dynamics 365.
  3. Keep sellers on-point and on-message with video coaching: Brainshark enables video-based coaching, practice, and assessments to validate that sellers can demonstrate mastery of key messages before they get in front of a buyer. Coaching activities can be assigned to teams and individuals, as formal courses and one-off assessments, and the top submissions can be saved as examples of what great looks like for others to learn from.
  4. Elevate video coaching with machine analysis and scoring: Before a manager reviews a coaching video, Brainshark will provide auto-scores and feedback on the rep’s ability to cover key topics, speaking rate, emotions exhibited, and more.
  5. Track the readiness progress for all teams and individuals: Visual dashboards make it easy to view the learning status for multiples teams at once (from account executives to business development reps), and drill down to see how individuals are progressing through all their assigned courses and activities – creating a deeper understanding of who is truly ready to sell.

Nancy: Describe the first 30 days after a company purchases your solution.

Brendan: Brainshark is recognized for providing award-winning customer service and support (something we’re very proud of!), and we’re deeply committed to the long-term success of our clients. This includes teams dedicated to customer success, implementation, training, and support.

When new customers purchase Brainshark, they kick things off with their own implementation consultant who will assist their Brainshark configuration and rollout. Our team works hard to understand the goals and priorities of each customer and develop a project plan based on those specific needs. Customers also receive access to relevant Brainshark help and training materials and are introduced to the Brainshark Customer Success team that supports them through their entire lifecycle as a Brainshark user.

Nancy: How have companies determined the ROI of your solution?

Brendan: Companies can determine ROI through a couple lenses: 1) field readiness and 2) productivity.

With field readiness, you can track specific activities like course completion, knowledge/retention assessments, and certification levels across the field force (example: percentage of reps certified to sell a new product).

With productivity, you’re looking at the results of those activities. For example, companies can look at their onboarding programs to evaluate things like time to competency (how quickly can they now get reps ready to engage buyers) and performance (accelerating revenue yield) for new hires. Other key areas include accelerated sales cycles, increased win rates and ASP, reduction in time spent finding content and learning material (increase selling time), and overall improvements in yield per rep.

Nancy: What should companies do to ensure success of your solution?

Brendan: I’d certainly encourage clients to take advantage of our customer success and training resources. Brainshark is an easy and intuitive platform to use, but it’s also very powerful, with a lot of deep functionality for content authoring, personalization, formal training, reporting, and more. We’ve been developing our platform for 18 years, so there’s a lot it can do. The customer resources we provide are all about ensuring our clients get the absolute most value out of the product they can.

Nancy: What are some good resources if someone wanted to learn what questions to ask, what others are doing, and purchase considerations?

Brendan: Anyone interested in a closer look at Brainshark can visit our website to view a short platform demo video or contact us directly with additional questions. There you can also find several customer testimonials, not to mention a host of resources and ideas for improving sales enablement and readiness.

Nancy: Who benefits most from your solution?

Brendan: Brainshark is used by mid-market and enterprise companies across a variety of industries, including tech, manufacturing, medical device, financial services, and more.

We’ve developed the platform to support enablement and readiness for any type of sales organization (inside sales, channel, field sales, etc.), as well as any other customer-facing team that needs to be prepared to engage with customers and has an impact of deals (customer success, sales engineering, etc.).