Ever drive down the highway and notice that you have to hold the steering wheel tight in order to keep the car from pulling to one side or the other? It’s a clear warning sign that it’s time to high-tail it into the shop for an alignment.

Marketing and sales organizations also need to be in alignment so they don’t veer off into the ditch. It’s not quite as simple to perform a marketing/sales re-alignment as it is with cars, unfortunately.

But the folks at Sales2.0 Conference (Oct 17-18) have put together a stellar agenda aimed at making the job a little easier. The two day event being held again at the Four Seasons hotel in San Francisco includes speakers from behemoths like IBM, Huthwaite, Oracle, Dell, and HP, as well as end-user organizations like Farm Credit Services of America, Dow Corning, and Kaplan Higher Education.

I’m particularly excited to visit the exhibitors. There are 26 in total. Several companies have been added to the exhibitor roster since the last SF event. Be sure to check out the following:

  • SalesContestBuilder
  • Knowledgevision
  • Hoopla
  • FPX

Another company new to the event is InfoFree founded by Vin Gupta who is currently surrounded in controversy (and a law suit).

Mr. Gupta was the founder of Infogroup and served as its Chairman and CEO. He was forced out of InfoGroup in 2010 after a shareholder lawsuit raised questions about his use of company money. The current lawsuit (filed September 19th, 2011) alleges Database 101 (dba InfoFree) is trying to steal its customer database by hiring more than 20 Infogroup employees and that Database 101 has been advertising its services in a misleading manner that conceals the fact that Gupta’s new company isn’t related to Infogroup. Database101 claims the allegations are without merit.

Enough dirt.
Oh what the heck, here’s some more…

Out of the 60 slots for speakers and panelists, only 6 are filled with women. I’ve made this observation before – as I know several people have – and have even spoken with Gerhard (Gschwandtner) about it. I don’t quite understand the reason for this. I happen to know there are TONS of highly qualified woman in the industry.

All that aside, I’m very much looking forward to the event. We’ll publish our take-aways in this blog shortly after. If you’d like to keep up with the event as it happens, follow #s20c.

Hope to see you there!