SalesTech Video Review: All-in-One Sales Enablement Software Allego

Allego can be used by anyone that Enables Sales (whether you’re in HR, learning & Development, Sales, Sales Enablement, or Marketing).

Onboarding & Training

Allego allows sales teams to onboard new reps without having to meet face to face or rely on traditional classroom training.

Coaching & Collaboration

You can enhance individualized coaching by using recorded sales calls. Give them practical advice for how to improve a sales call – annotating the recording with notes.


Give reps content recommendations based on sales stage, competitors and other deal factors from within your CRM system or Allego sales playbooks.

Allego’s all-in-one platform can be used by anyone with responsibilities for enabling sellers. It identifies key moments that trigger the learning, coaching, content, and customer engagement that support increasingly remote teams.