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Prospect & Qualify Faster - Increase Selling Time

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ClearSlide is designed specifically for sales teams to get unprecedented prospect engagement insights that identify exactly what’s resonating-just like you’re reading your prospect’s mind.

By reading these non-verbal cues, you can identify and share, via meeting or email, the next best presentation, proposal, case study, etc. and be seen to deliver value throughout the sales cycle.

And, ClearSlide integrates all this content, meetings, email, and insights into one platform, so your sellers don’t waste valuable time changing between several tools.After all, time is money!

ClearSlide helps with onboarding, coaching, and forecasting. Using engagement insights and meeting replays you can identify successful-pitches, meetings, emails, content (at the slide-by-slide level), and sales processes.

When you know what’s working and what’s not, you can scale best practices across the sales team and use for onboarding to ramp new hires quickly, and give tailored coaching to individual sellers.

And, to improve forecasting accuracy, that engagement insights across all the stakeholders in an opportunity will indicate if it will close this quarter, or slip to next.

Improve Seller Productivity - Hit Your Number

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