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Selling is hard. Buying is harder. In fact, 80% of buyers wish they had more support when presenting a solution to their internal buying group. Gaining buy-in from the right people inside an organization is challenging. Between scheduling conflicts, security questionnaires, demos, and follow ups, your team and your champion within the organization face an uphill battle. Consensus makes it easy for organizations to enable champions and accelerate the buying process through interactive automated demos. Our platform prioritizes content to meet each stakeholder’s needs and tracks views and shares so you can build the right solution.

Your presales team does more than demos. These highly trained technical professionals are an essential piece of how you drive revenue. Presales professionals hold certifications that make them invaluable assets to your customers as advisors who communicate how your product optimizes their business. Consensus scales presales by automating portions of your demos in a way that customers can easily consume and share within their organization. Viewers prioritize content, allowing them to see more of what they want and less of what they don’t. The result is an overall better experience for customers and that saves SEs time each week.

Interactive video demos that scale presales

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