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EMMa is a visual value creation platform that uses 3D modeling. Use it to describe your offering in a highly memorable way that brings clarity to your prospects and clients.

We all face challenges when we have to describe non-physical things like applications, API’s, databases, the cloud, etc. The job becomes even more difficult when we try to combine people, processes, and architecture. Add the need to show the audience how you will take them from their current state to a future state and effective visualization becomes difficult, if not impossible, with traditional tools.

An EMMa model is not difficult to build. Users don’t need graphic design or coding skills; they simply enter appropriate data fields into the Map Maker and the Map Reader will publish that data as a 3D model. 

Processes are even easier to put together. With a simple drag and drop swim lane format, anyone who has a process to envisage, can build it quickly and then visualize it in 3D in their EMMa model.

When building EMMa models, everything is represented in pure systems terms. There are actors, paths, flows and metrics and everything from the simplest software offering to a highly complex BPO solution can be represented.

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