Simple Content Organizer for Reps


Flipdeck is visual and intuitive, so everyone can quickly find and deliver the right content in a way that’s enjoyable for prospects.

Organize links to content on cards & decks, a familiar concept that is easy to understand and navigate. Create cards that link to any content you like — complete with an image, text, and links to web pages, documents, or videos. Best of all, you don’t have to move the content… just link to it. Use your Flipdeck cards over and over to save time finding, sharing, and emailing content.

With Flipdeck

  • Reps don’t waste time searching for or modifying the sales content from marketing
  • Customers get the information they need emailed to them in real time
  • You can stop wasting money generating content that isn’t being used
  • Reps have the sales enablement tools they need to move buyers to the close
  • Flipdeck’s analytics will show you which content is working, and which is not.

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