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Built With Your Busy Sales Force in Mind

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No other sales effectiveness solution delivers such high levels of continuous user engagement day after day. With an average of 94% or better, Qstream adds value to your team’s day without disrupting it.

In just minutes a day sales reps respond to simple, scenario-based challenges on their mobile device or laptop. And, by participating in team competitions reps are even more driven to participate and stay on top of the leaderboard.

Qstream’s sophisticated analytics engine uses respondent data to deliver actionable insights that identify knowledge and skills gaps. Graphical dashboards provide managers with real-time updates on engagement and proficiency, including sales fluency heat maps, improvement trends and comparisons, and more – based on filters that you define. 

Easily compare trends across teams or regions, or drill-down by rep, topic, tenure, and more. Close those gaps via recommended coaching opportunities, or push out new challenges fast and efficiently. Integrated communication tools allow managers to take action immediately, before your pipeline is negatively impacted.


Sales Coaching Driven by Data, Not Hunches

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