Meet Jenny, Your Virtual Sales Coach

Virtual Sales Coaching Dashboard

Jenny runs fun, engaging and interactive simulations with your sales reps based on your talk tracks and sales playbooks; your reps can have live conversations with Jenny whenever and wherever they want. AI-driven real-time feedback helps your reps achieve their best performance. Managers receive clear reports so they can zero in on where reps need extra attention.

90% of reps prefer AI coaching, because it’s fun and helps them improve more than webcam recordings. Managers love it because they save time and gain visibility, letting them spend their limited 1-on-1 time with reps more effectively.

Onboard new reps quickly

Accelerate your onboarding to get to revenue faster. Second Nature simulations can be fully integrated into your LMS for a seamless experience.

Roll out new messages consistently

Ramp up knowledge quickly for new products, new target markets, new strategies, new stories. Get your entire sales team up to speed with a consistent message.

Drive measurable results

Zero in on how well each rep knows each product/ buyer/ use case so you can help them improve months before sales numbers are impacted. Shorten sales cycles and increase revenue per rep.

Coach, Train & Certify Faster & Better with AI

Second Nature Sales Coaching Dashboard

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