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Prioritize target accounts and find active prospects

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Available in over 700 tech-specific segments, Priority Engine platform stack ranks accounts by intent, determined by recency & velocity of activity across more than 13 buying signals and directly observed behavior from active, named prospects. 

Priority Engine helps you intelligently narrow down who matters most at active accounts, including relevant, active prospects from TechTarget & extended buying team contacts via integration with DiscoverOrg directly within the platform.

Learn how Priority Engine purchase intent data helps sales reps quickly identify if an account is worth calling and who at the account they should call.

Priority Engine gives sales in-depth views on topical interests of buying teams, vendors under consideration & installed technologies at accounts to personalize outreach & drive more productive prospect conversations. A top-line Priority Engine account dashboard is directly available within Salesforce. Additionally, via “Persistent Account URL” that can be embedded in any browser or system (Salesforce, Salesloft, etc.), reps can get direct access to an enhanced account dashboard within Priority Engine for insight & guidance within preferred workflow.

Learn how to drive more pipeline & revenue through personalized & productive outreach.

Purchase intent insight to personalize outreach

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