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Research shows that sales managers spend up to 20% of their time finding and customizing sales materials to send to their prospects. And we all know that the resulting assets often leave something to be desired.

With Turtl, sales managers can personalize pre-existing materials in seconds by inputting relevant information about their prospect. No more hacking at PowerPoint or PDF, no more wandering off-brand or off-message, no more wasted time which could be better spent closing.

Who’s reading my pitches, proposals and presentations? What are they most interested in? And who else is involved in the decision-making process? Most sales teams cannot answer these basic questions, and so opportunities are missed and sales cycles are long and painful.

With Turtl, every piece of content you send collects detailed engagement metrics to uncover key stakeholders, motivations and pain-points. This allows you to follow up with the perfect materials to move deals forward, resulting in shorter sales cycles and more business won.

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