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Defining and quantifying Customer Outcomes is the secret sauce of Value Selling. Typically these Customer Outcomes are incorporated into Value Propositions. The challenge so many companies have is that their Value Propositions are written around product features, stored in random presentations, complex spreadsheets, and expensive value calculators. 

Valkre solves this challenge with a platform that enables Product/Marketing teams to create Value Props based on customer outcomes…easily customized & integrated into Campaigns & Deals. The result for Sales is More Value Selling.

When it comes to working with large, strategic customers the name of the game is delivering unique customer outcomes relative to competitors. The approach to getting this done is generally in the Account Plan. The challenge that permeates business are key account plans that focus too heavily on internal sales goals and completely miss the concept of solving customer challenges and their potential outcomes. 

With VALKRE, Account Plans are transformed to focus on solving customer challenges, defining and tracking quantified customer outcomes over the short, mid, and long term.

Better Account Plans

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