Next week I’ll join over 100,000 others in what will be the world’s largest migration of the ecosystem and the largest software event to-date. Destination as always, is San Francisco, beloved city of Salesforce CEO and Grand Host Mark Benioff.

For four days, the city will be taken-over by visitors from more than 80 countries around the world clamoring to attend one or more of the 1,400 educational sessions, an expanded Cloud Expo offering 400 exhibitors, charity benefits and participatory activities, and of course the abundance of parties, after-parties, and after-after-parties.

More than 135,000 people are expected to register for’s 12th annual Dreamforce conference being held at the Moscone Convention Center, and more than three million people are expected to join online.

What do you do if you’re one of the tens of thousands who want to make the most of their journey? For one, you want to plan your trek through the exhibit hall before you get there. This jaw-dropping stat will help you understand why. [tweetherder]To visit all 400 booths would take you the entire 28 hours that the #DF14 expo halls are open [/tweetherder](spending 4.2 minutes at each booth with no breaks – bio or otherwise).

Fortunately you’re going to plan ahead and figure out which of the exhibitors are important to visit. If you’re interested in sales and marketing solutions, we’ve done the pre-planning for you.

[tweetherder]Get your Walking Trail of Must-See Tools at #DF14 Infographic and do your feet a favor. [/tweetherder] Simply follow the walking trail stopping at the noted sign-posts and you’ll be sure to see and learn about the top sales and marketing solutions before you head back home. Download and save the graphic to your mobile device so you can use it on-site to navigate the maze and cut-through the riff-raff.

While you’re at it, look for people wearing these buttons and you’ll spot those we’ve selected as Top Sales and Marketing Tools of 2014:

Top Sales and Marketing Tools of 2014Sales and Marketing Tools

For the expo hall, you’ll want to bring an empty thermos or water bottle. You’ll find water bottle refill stations and believe me, you’ll use them. But also note, that our walking trail shows you  which of the must-see sales and marketing tool booths are offering refreshments (and prizes).

What about the 1,400 sessions? The best place to start is the Dreamforce Agenda planner. Sessions fill up quickly so it’s imperative that you register ahead of time. Here are two sessions you should register for immediately:

What is Inside Sales, and How Are Top Inside Sales Teams Using Salesforce? (please note: you will need to be logged into your Dreamforce account for the links to work)

Women’s Perspective of Creating a High Performance Sales Team (enter promotional code InsideView) I’ll be on this panel along with my amazing colleagues, Anneke Seley, Joanne Black, and Jill Konrath.

If you want free tickets to the Expo, all you have to do is register here.  If you want to attend the sessions and the special events, you’ll need to buy a ticket.

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