Art V Science Webinar

This webinar has now taken place. Click here to register and view the recording.

The question about whether Sales as a profession is Art vs Science is an old one. It’s typically asked because we wonder whether you can teach someone to be a great salesperson or whether it’s an art which presumably can’t be taught.

The big question isn’t whether Sales is an art or science. The big question is, “does your sales team actually use a scientific approach at all?” The question can’t be answered without first knowing what “science” means in the context of selling.

I’ve teamed up with John Hulwick of Sales Predict to debate, dissect, and deliberate on the topic. We’ll be doing this in a live webinar taking place this Wednesday, December 10th and we hope you’ll join us.

We’ll talk about:

How do you define”Art” and how do you (or should you) define “Science”

  • What grade-level of Art and Science is being practiced today
  • Why this question even matters and how the answer can impact revenue
  • Ways to interject more Science into the sales process to win more deals, more quickly.

As the last bullet implies, science improves your team’s ability to spend time on the right activities, those that will lead to better outcomes. True scientific approaches inform the sales process making it possible for sellers to perform their art to the greatest effect. Click here to regiser for the webinar.

You’ll have access to the recording (even if you can’t make it to the live event). Don’t miss it! Chances are, your scientific approach to selling is not science at all. Learn why that is, and how to excel in an undeniable way so your team can beat the competion and their own personal best. See you at the webinar!