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Fasten your seat-belts and get ready to have your mind blown. The perfect sales tool is finally here. This is huge folks! It marks the first major shift in sales solutions since SFA (Sales Force Automation) was first introduced in the mid-80’s. Instead of being beholden to a CRM tool (or any sales tool), salespeople and sales managers will be served the right information at the right time without the hassles of today’s tools. The notion of “Lean Selling”–where the seller no longer has to fetch what they need to manufacture a sale and instead, has it delivered to their device (all devices simultaneously)–has finally come to fruition.

This new software solves the biggest sales issues of all: knowing who to call (and what number), what to say, how to follow up, when to follow up, how to get answers, how to schedule more appointments, what to do next, where to go next, who to focus on, what to up-sell, where to cross-sell, when deals are at risk, and a lot more; and it does all of this with minimum intervention from the salesperson or manager.

I have seen demos of 100’s of sales and marketing solutions in the past seven years, but I’ve never seen anything like this new product. It’s a revolutionary sales software solution  – and I do mean revolutionary.

Here’s what you need to know about this incredible new sales solution:

  • CRM will only be a system of record. Salespeople and Managers will rarely need to use the CRM system as most information will automatically be delivered based on the activity you’re engaged in.
  • Reps are presented with current literature, presentations, and other marketing material automatically. The system determines who they’re emailing or calling, (industry, co. size, past conversations) and presents the right options.
  • The solution continuously updates your organization’s prospect database so no contact information is ever out-of-date.
  • All new leads are automatically appended with missing data like company size and industry.
  • All new prospect and lead records are presented to reps, one-at-a-time based on machine-learning in order of highest probability, potential, and due date.
  • Simply speak a contact name or account and you’ll see a summary of key information such as company background, key executives, recent announcements, network connections, and suggested talking points based on prospect activity.
  • Reps get a notice on all devices so they can dial and login to online meetings with one-click . They’ll also get automatic navigation to the next in-person appointment.
  • The system will also ping a rep when they have to leave in order to make the next appointment on time (based on distance and traffic).
  • Unanswered out-bound calls are logged automatically into the CRM system as an “attempt”, when the rep hangs up, no matter what device they’re calling from. The days of manually logging information into CRM will forever be behind us.
  • When a prospect or client calls back, their phone number is recognized by the system and their contact name and history are shown on the screen so reps are instantly prepared for a conversation.
  • Reps can create a cover letter and the system will print, sign, and insert it along with selected brochures into an auto-addressed & metered envelope which gets mailed automatically. (Yes, mail. Printed material will resurface as a way to rise above the noise).
  • Follow-up emails are easy to compile. The system automatically inserts templates based on the recipient name and the most recent interactions. Machine-learning helps the system become more and more accurate over time.
  • Reps see an alert as soon as the email is opened and they’re provided with the recipient’s contact information for one-click dialing.
  • Reps get an alert when an email they’ve sent has gone unanswered or unopened beyond the normal response time.
  • Appointment times are easy to coordinate with prospects or colleagues. No back-and-forth necessary.
  • Managers know key stats for each rep such as the number of calls, number of demos, number of appointments, and number of proposals.
  • Forecasts are created automatically and rolling-up the forecast the organization is also an automated process.
  • Every rep hits his or her quota.
  • Revenue is predicted with accuracy.
  • Employees and customers are happy.

This software is the answer to any sales leader’s wishes. Of course, there’s only one problem … It doesn’t exist. Yes, it’s April Fool’s day.

Is the software I describe out there? No.

Can the solution be cobbled together using multiple products? Not yet.

How hard would it be to create. Perhaps impossible.

How much would it cost? A lot.

What if we started with a fresh piece of paper to define a  solution that could do all of these things. Don’t think about how, or whether, it can be done. Just ask yourself, “What would the ultimate sales solution look like?”

Add your ideas to the comments section and let’s define the ultimate solution together.