Smart Selling Tools Show and TellI’ll never forget the first time we had Show & Tell in kindergarten. The teacher said we could each pick a day to bring our favorite thing to school and share it with our classmates. I knew immediately that I would be bringing my pet frog.

And when the day came, I was the center of attention. Kids couldn’t wait to see my frog and to ask questions like, “what does it eat,” or “do frogs sleep?”

My kindergarten teacher, like all kindergarten teachers knew the key ingredient to getting and keeping attention. It’s the reason it’s called Show & Tell and not just ‘Tell’.

What kid would get excited about listening to some classmate tell them about their frog?  Not many. Kids need to see for themselves.

And so do adults.

Sometimes in sales, we forget about the showing. We want to control the sales process and talk about our solutions when it might be better to show.

Car salespeople know this. They don’t sit you down in their office and tell you about their cars. No siree! They show you the cars. They have you sit in the cars and drive the cars.

I decided the time has come to stop simply telling our readers about sales tools and start showing.

So, we launched a series of Show & Tell webcasts where you can gather ‘round in a virtual circle and watch sales tools in action. We invite one vendor for each Show & Tell to give us a demo. No pitching, just showing how the products work and what they do.

Our first 3 Show & Tells are scheduled and you’re invited:

February 14th:  Sales contest Builder  Set-up and manage powerful sales contests in

February 21st:   Front Row Solutions  Easy sales activity reporting by mobile phone with 95% compliance

February 23rd:  DocuSign  Have customers sign your orders electronically. See how easy it is to get deals signed faster.