Until recently, a sales person’s toolkit included email, phone, maybe even some type of screen share technology. Meanwhile, marketing technology outpaced sales years ago: Since the early 2000s, marketing professionals have enjoyed things like website optimization tools, A/B testing, detailed performance statistics, and advanced lead scoring products. But thanks to technology slowly moving to the cloud, many more sales teams can more easily track and analyze the data in their phone and email systems — and make more informed decisions.

This week I interview Alan Greenhalgh, Chief Product Officer of Vortini.

Nancy: Why does the industry need your solution?

Alan: We see a number of themes emerge with our customers and in the market more generally. We are constantly asked to demonstrate how they can improve efficiency and drive growth. Customers realize they have a wealth of information about the selling process but are yet to see business gains from it. Whether it be upsell or cross-sell opportunities, Vortini is designed as the place where this data comes together to operationalize the data and not only see where opportunities lie, but through the forecasting process we can set actionable steps to get there.

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For Account Based Sellers (ABS) and Account Based Marketers (ABM) the amount of irrelevant, vacuous content being created by businesses presents a huge opportunity to get noticed.  With inboxes, social feeds and voice mails drowning in content that is neither wanted nor asked for, to suddenly come across a piece of relevant, personalized content is a rare experience.  It’s why, with the cacophony of marketing and sales ‘noise’ so loud, anything that stands out has a significant chance of grabbing customer interest.

Corporations spend millions on classroom training and sales kick-offs, yet the ROI simply isn’t there – in fact, studies indicate that participants in curriculum- and lecture-based training forget more than 80 percent of the information taught within 90 days. Given the time and money invested in sales training, it’s not a question of insufficient effort or investment. Rather, the fundamental problem is the very structure of corporate training delivery: intense yet infrequent bursts, such as National Sales Meetings, or lengthy, one-size-fits-all courses.

One of the best experiences from Dreamforce 2017 was not on the official Dreamforce agenda – the Sales Enablement Soiree, an off-site lounge held at the Four Seasons. In just two years, the Soiree has become the go-to spot at Dreamforce for all things Sales Enablement related.

During this one-day event, attendees could talk to and see demonstrations of twelve different Sales Enablement solutions including MindTickle, Highspot, Node, Allego, and BigTinCan.

Oh, year-end analysis. How I love thee and hate thee. Let me count the ways…

This is the time of year when executives become hyper-sensitive to numbers and are asking a flurry of questions.

What revenue will we close the year with?
What was our ROI on that new tech investment?
What did we do this past year that was most effective at moving the needle?

Your prospects want to succeed as much as you do. And they want to boost their companies — and hopefully their own careers — in the process. So, if your offer will help them succeed, why wouldn’t they call you back immediately and sign now? If something’s good for you, surely you should want it!

Your prospect has a tough job. She must convince her organization and relevant stakeholders (the proverbial average of 5.5 internal stakeholders) that change is a good thing. She must build a business case and balance the cost, risk, and effort associated with that change. She must own the results post-purchase. And she must accomplish all of this while doing her day job.