This post is part of a series of Executive Interviews of top sales and marketing solutions company executives. We ask the same questions of every executive so readers can learn about their unique positioning  and their vision for the industry. 

Umberto Milletti

This week I interview Umberto Milletti, CEO of InsideView.

Nancy: What does InsideView do? What problem/s are you solving for sales and/or marketing organizations?

Umberto: InsideView allows companies to leverage market intelligence to find, and engage with, prospects and customers. In today’s world, companies need to develop targeted, engaging communication with their market, and having relevant, timely intelligence is the key to energizing all types of revenue-driving activities.

We built our technology to maintain profiles on all meaningful companies and decision makers worldwide, from basic data like revenues, employee counts and email addresses, to real-time insights on companies and people, while analyzing relationships that help our customers go to market. We constantly monitor over 30,000 information sources, from financial to news to social networks to company websites.

This real-time intelligence is then integrated with revenue workflow—marketing, sales and service automation—so that it can be used in context to help close more deals more often..

At the same time, we’re helping marketers and customer advocacy departments centralize assets for sales rep use and report which of those assets had actual impact on sales cycles to determine ROI and drive smarter marketing spend.

Nancy: How does your solution uniquely address the problem (or in what way do other solutions fall short from solving the problem)?

Umberto: Most of the other solutions in this market are single-source, proprietary and closed.

Our approach is fundamentally different, based on gathering the best intelligences from tens of thousands of sources, and using technology to organize it, de-duplicated it and create the richest, most accurate profiles in the industry. Proprietary, single-source solutions cannot achieve the level of breadth and depth that this big-data approach can achieve, since they will always be limited to the content available in their own closed database or social network.

We are also uniquely focused on integrating this information into your CRM workflow, and today we have native integrations with 15 of the most popular marketing and sales automation systems. No other information company has this breadth of integration.

Nancy: What’s the most important thing that today’s business decision-makers should look for (or ask, or consider, or solve)?

Umberto: The most important question I hear from executives today is, “How do I deal with this never-ending onslaught of data?”

What I see happening is that companies are overwhelmed with new data coming from new sources and being delivered with a virtual fire hose—too much, too fast—which kills productivity instead of helping make your team more efficient. We’ve seen new data-focused tools pop up almost daily for the past few years, and while they can provide macro insights, they don’t parse out the useful bits and push them back to your teams to help them do their jobs.

It’s that last piece that’s most important, and really where the whole “big data” trend fell apart. More analytics isn’t what companies need; they need more insights, more action, more triggers to help them do their jobs better, faster, more efficiently.

So, today’s decision-makers shouldn’t be looking for more data, or even more analytics to understand that data, they should be looking for more ways to actually put that data to work every day to run their entire business.

Nancy: What are you most excited about for the next 12 months?

Umberto: At InsideView, we are beginning to look at the entire enterprise and how we can help make their engagements more relevant, timely, and respectful. We want to help create an informed enterprise. We are seeing the need for meaningful customer and company engagements outside of just sales and marketing. By offering market intelligence to other areas of the enterprise such as HR, Finance, and Operations, we help make information more accessible to everyone helping them be more informed about their customers and helping them transform their business into a more productive and efficient organization.

Nancy: What do you think is the biggest underlying theme or trend for sellers and/or marketers in the next 12 months?

Umberto: It’s the drive to relevance. If you don’t have a targeted, relevant message for today’s busy buyer, your market share will continue to suffer. Marketing needs to be targeted and relevant, because blast emails don’t work. Selling needs to be relevant, because cold calls don’t work. Customer Management needs to focus on relevance because customers have higher and higher expectations. All three functions need to understand their market and their targets so they can deliver a message that the customer or prospect cares about.

Nancy: What would you challenge sellers and/or marketers to think about for the near term? 

Umberto: Stepping outside of their typical tactics and embracing the “onslaught of data” as a benefit, not a burden.

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by all of this data and rely on your tried and true tactics. But, to really be successful these days, you need to find ways to put to work all of the information that’s available for converting leads, closing deals and managing customer relationships.

For example, everyone knows that you need to use social or professional network data to help sales, but that’s not helpful. Helpful is telling your salesperson that the decision-maker at Company X was promoted yesterday, that their replacement is connected to them via a colleague in your customer service department, and then give them the replacement’s accurate email address so that they can reach out today. That’s helpful.

Note: InsideView is celebrating a major accomplishment, their 100th product release! To learn more about how InsideView empowers Sales, click here. To learn more about how InsideView empowers Marketing, click here.