State of Conversation Intelligence Q1 2019

This report aims to bring sales leaders up to speed on conversation trends that will help reps win more deals in 2019. By looking at Conversation Intelligence data from Q4 2018, you can better understand which conversations can potentially result in next steps or closed won deals as well as what customer pain points and expectations.

Using the data and insights from this report you can build more powerful talk tracks and sales processes that will move customers through the funnel efficiently. will publish this report on a quarterly basis and starting from the next edition also include QoQ trends for all metrics.

Cold callers in the last quarter indeed had a tough time with only 10% of calls exceeding 2 mins. The average call that resulted in a booked meeting took 7.5 minutes, which means cold callers had to have a very precise understanding of how to ‘construct’ a conversation around pain, value, social proof, and qualification.

- one statistic from the report