Guest post by Neal Polachek 2/11/16

As each new year begins, sales organizations go through the age-old ritual of establishing sales quotas. It is never an easy process. Early in my career at a major directory publisher, I had the assignment of figuring the book-by-book sales objectives. I was pretty new to the organization and I turned to data and analysis to generate book-by-book objectives.

I looked at elements such as population change, per capita income, and local data elements to generate a book affordability index. Sounds logical right. Of course if you’ve been in the trenches you know, and I learned the hard way, that setting objectives is often more art than science.

As you roll out your quotas or objectives, take a look at this note from the Alexander Group. They offer some interesting ideas on how to communicate your 2016 sales quotas:

Follow a precise quota-setting approach

A well-coordinated quota management process helps in setting and allocating quotas in a fair and transparent manner, allowing sellers to gain deep insights into the principal sales goals of the organization.

Unmask the mystery surrounding quota setting

As quota setting may be subject to revisions from time to time, it is important to convey any changes, such as a new sales compensation measure, to avoid ambiguous communication and prevent discontentment among sellers.

Set quota expectations for the team

Pre-determined quota expectations offer clarity for individual sales goals and also prepare sellers to foresee a clearly defined path for assessing the annual sales targets — making it easier to fulfill the sales quota requirements.

Make time for the one-on-one meetings

Having regular one-on-one meetings to discuss any concerns or questions goes a long way in building team morale and efficiently addressing any critical issues in meeting sales quotas, such as sales territory adjustments.

Instill confidence to achieve quotas

Sellers need to be constantly encouraged to believe that it is not an uphill task to achieve sales quotas as long as they adopt effective and timely measures to hit the ‘number,’ the right way.

Making or missing sales quotas is largely determined by how the sales quota message is communicated to the sales team.

A well-communicated message fosters trust and keeps sellers on track without losing focus on the sales targets for the new financial year.

Now is the time for sales leaders to connect with their teams and show them what it takes to go for the 2016 sales quotas. How do you get the team ready? Jumpstart the quota-setting process and set the stage for the team to achieve their sales quotas with confidence.



Today’s post is by guest author Neal Polachek, Board Advisor, BuzzBoard.