Supercharging Social Selling with Video at SAP

Social selling has revolutionized how SAP engages modern buyers in today’s digital world of business. Through its social selling efforts on LinkedIn, SAP has seen increased conversion rates, higher sales volume and higher value of sales as well as decreased overall time to close. Video is one of the most powerful tools in SAP’s social selling arsenal. Not only is video the most popular form of content available online today; video also enables SAP’s sellers to quickly create branded, personalized messages that put a face and voice to their names, almost as if they were in the same room as their customers. This kind of engagement is more effective than email or phone because it allows sellers to convey their messages with more than just words alone.

In addition to having that separate training for video and social selling, we integrate how you should be using video to brand yourself properly

- Charrele Robinson-Brown, Head of Global e-Learning & Gamification for Social Selling at SAP