The 5 Questions Essential to Business Growth

Understanding the location of customers and prospects or revenue generating assets, and the field teams that service them, is changing enterprise field operations. This trend is called Location of Things (LoT), and it’s making it possible to visualize the enterprise in entirely new ways.

Enterprise leaders are using LoT technology to answer the key questions involved in effective field sales and service operations. By optimizing and refining field operations against these five questions, enterprises are able to better reach business objectives and rapidly drive revenue growth.

A global survey of 2300 Harvard Business Review subscribers found that 95% of respondents feel that face to face meetings are key to successful long term relationships, and 89% agree that face to face meetings are essential for “sealing the deal.”

A related study found that for sales people who achieve 100% of quota or higher, most have close relationships with clients and feel responsible for ensuring client success.

- Harvard Business Review