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Smart Selling Tools Announces Top Sales Tools of 2019

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ 

Smart Selling Tools, Inc. the leading provider of information on sales software technologies (SalesTech), today announced the release of its Top Sales Tools of 2019 Guide: Final Cut.

The Top Sales Tools Guide recognizes companies with unique capabilities for solving revenue-generating challenges. The SalesTech software companies recognized in this guide include well established vendors along with exciting up-and-comers.

The market for sales software has ballooned as has the sheer number of software solutions available. The Nancy Nardin SalesTech Landscape now includes just over 600 sales solutions and the size of the CRM software market alone is estimated at over $28B for 2019.

“The growth in the market has brought excitement as well as confusion,” says Nancy Nardin, founder of Smart Selling Tools, Inc.. “Sales organizations rarely have the resources to adequately keep up on all the technology offerings. That’s why we produce the Top Sales Tools of the Year Guide.”

There’s something for everyone in the guide. Video sales apps, sales onboarding, buyer engagement, e-signature solutions, deal management, white-space analysis, reference management and more. The guide is organized by the challenge areas sales organizations may want to address:

  • Closing Deals
  • Enabling Sales
  • Engaging Leads & Prospects
  • Field Sales Engagement
  • Management Reporting
  • Targeting Accounts
  • Upskilling Reps

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Smart Selling Tools, Inc., is an analyst and consulting firm that provides free resources on sales productivity and sales performance improvement through the use of smart sales tools.

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