The time to call back your hot leads is now – not later.

Technology has empowered today’s buyers to quickly find information and compare vendors. When a potential customer is ready to talk to a sales representative, he or she can speedily fill out a form on your website to request a meeting.

This is where the customer’s buying journey may slow down dramatically. Instead of receiving a timely call back from the sales rep, many prospects are left waiting and wondering why you don’t seem to really want their business.

The Need for Speed with Sales Calls
Most sales teams aren’t properly equipped to meet the demands and expectations of today’s decision makers. While qualified leads may be coming in faster than ever, these leads are typically coming into a list-based CRM system that still depends greatly on human intervention and decision making.

If you haven’t upgraded your team to a queue-based sales enablement solution, your sales productivity is lower than it could be. A potential customer who wants a call back right now may have to wait a while – hours or days – because your CRM software isn’t making immediate call backs easy for your team.

Below are three major reasons your CRM solution is hampering sales efficiency and speed.

1. Features Focused on Reporting Instead of Productivity

You bought an incredible CRM solution that provides a great dashboard and in-depth reporting to the management team. While that’s valuable to management, have you considered the impact on your sales team’s productivity? Does the solution require a lot more data entry? Even if it doesn’t require more effort than your prior system, does it do anything to improve productivity?

Takeaway: Don’t be lured by list-based CRMs with fancy reports and analytics. While reporting and dashboards are important, they mean nothing if your team can’t improve productivity and efficiency to act on the findings you uncover.

2. Click Fatigue

A system that captures a lot of information about a lead is great . . . unless it causes click fatigue. Click fatigue occurs when a user has to make too many mouse clicks/manual interventions to complete a task.

Even Microsoft has faced backlash with users who were weary with click fatigue. Your CRM may have lots of great screens and prompts for capturing information, but it may be causing frustration to your sales reps.

Taking multiple actions just to get to a new call screen can also create frustration. Software that isn’t fast and intuitive and practically moving the sales rep through automatically is time suck and a potential danger to full adoption.

Takeaway: Your sales solution should be so easy to use that it practically automates your sales process leaving salespeople to do what they do best – sell. You need sales pros, not software pros, right?

3. Analysis Paralysis

As sales professionals, many of us know that “analysis paralysis” can kill a sale. When faced with too many decisions or too much complexity, a customer will overthink it and not move to close the deal. Do you know the same thing happens to salespeople when faced with lists of leads to call?

If your CRM system simply provides lists of contacts and their associated data, you’ve made it harder on your reps to make the next calls. Why? You’ve given them too many variables to analyze. Instead of quickly and efficiently moving through to the right next lead to call, they are busy filtering data and cherry picking the accounts they want to reach.

You may as well give them a paper list and a Magic 8 Ball.

Takeaway: While your sales reps are trying to figure out whom to call next, your hot leads are calling your competition. The sales rep shouldn’t have to intervene if your solution is capable of queuing the right calls based on your sales process and qualified lead criteria.

Speed Up Your Sales Process with Queue-Based Lead Management

The University of Ottawa’s Telford School of Management reported on the differences between list-based and queue-based sales enablement technology in its “The Technology-to-Performance Chain: How Lead Management Systems Drive Inside Sales Performance” study. As you can see from the research, the results are impressive. With a queue-based lead management solution, sales reps are able to more quickly and efficiently handle sales calls.



Today’s post was written by Genie Parker, Head of Operations for VanillaSoft