The Role of the CCO & The Skills You Need to Get There

Kristen Hayer chats with Suraj Mohandas, the Vice President of Customer Success for Spear Education, an organization that is dedicated to the pursuit of great dentistry through ongoing education for dentists and dental practices that provides continuing education for the dental industry. This is the second VP of CS role for Suraj, and his next logical career step is the role of Chief Customer Officer. This episode covers the role of the CCO, the skills you need to build to get there, and what Suraj is doing to prepare himself for the CCO role.

Making my customer happy doesn’t always translate into a revenue objective. Tying it back to retention rate or top-line revenue growth are the metrics that really get you into the c-suite type discussion.

- Suraj Mohandas, Vice President of Customer Success for Spear Education