Sales SuccessWhat determines whether you’ll be an average salesperson or a phenom? Just like an athlete, you’ll never be great without mastering the fundamentals of the game. You might win a few here and there, but without continuously honing the essential skills required, you’ll remain smack in the middle of the bell curve.

The question I ask is this, are the fundamentals for success in today’s sales world the same as they were in the past? If not, what’s changed? Best selling author and sales guru extraordinaire Jill Konrath knows the answer and she provides it in great detail in her new book “Agile Selling, Get Up to Speed Quickly in Today’s Ever-Changing Sales World.”

Agility, is the underlying imperative. Basic selling skills and product knowledge, important as they may be, are not enough. As Jill told me recently, “Sellers need to be quick and responsive to the never-ending volatility they encounter from every direction.”

To be an agile seller, you need to first be an agile learner. If you’re an agile learner, you’re resourceful, adaptable, and proactive. You’re a puzzle solver. And your mind-set is what differentiates you. You accept challenges as a normal part of the learning process. Of equal importance is the speed at which you solve problems. Agility depends on a keen sense of urgency.

How can you master agile learning and turn agility into your competitive advantage? Read Jill’s book, “Agile Selling.” Jill continues her tradition of using stories, giving examples, even sharing her own experiences (both successes and failures) to outline what’s required to be an agile seller and why. Most of the book, however, is devoted to how. There’s no way you can read this book and not have a clear understanding of what you need to do or not have an action plan to achieve it.

There is absolutely no fluff in Jill’s book nor is there any academic gobbledygook. You’ll get real ideas for real sellers plus insight on how buyers really buy and what really matters. For example, if you want to understand the real value you bring to customers check out chapter 17 on how to “Reverse Engineer the Business Case.” Want to know how to make new information stick and ramp up quickly on new products or new markets; read  Chapters 9- 15. Want to know what to do with the new information and how to act on it? Jill gives engaging, practical and fresh ideas that are specific and actionable.

In Agile Selling, Jill provides a blueprint for success in today’s world of modern selling. Starting from the beginning with the “why change” marching on through the habits of success and ending with tips for continuing your newly developed momentum.

It’s the one book to buy if you fit any of these descriptions:

  • An experienced seller who wants to jump-start success in a new sales position
  • A new salesperson who hasn’t yet figured out what it takes to succeed
  • A struggling salesperson who wants to take your game to a new level
  • A Committed entrepreneur who has a tough time getting new clients
  • You’re like me and you enjoy learning and reading thought-provoking ideas and fresh thinking about what it takes to succeed in sales.

Indeed, if you buy-off on the idea that agile learning is an imperative for successful selling there’s only one logical place to start. Go get your own copy of Agile Selling and learn what you need to do to be successful in the shortest possible time.

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