The State of Sales & Marketing Alignment in 2018: Survey

In this new report you’ll get a fresh perspective on what makes alignment particularly hard in 2018, you’ll learn from the leaders making progress, and you’ll get suggestions for how to think about the impact of things like the account-based movement, artificial intelligence, and the effect of the Millennial generation. We asked more than 500 sales and marketing professionals about their views of each other and alignment in general. This year’s report reflects a cross-section of industries, ages, and geographies, allowing us to compare how their perspectives on alignment might vary.

People talk about how important alignment is, but they’re only taking baby steps… Everyone recognizes that it’s important, but it’s also difficult. There needs to be more of a cultural change,an elimination of the politics, and a CEO who makes it a priority. It’s just not happening.

- Barb Giamanco, B2B sales expert, advisor and author