The Top Sales Tools of 2019 Guide

It was way back in 2010 when I published the first Guide to Sales Tools.

The 100 page guide, the first exhaustive list of sales technologies to be published, included just 53 solutions. It’s important to note, that CRM, marketing automation, and expense management solutions were included then, while I don’t include them now. So, you could estimate that we started 2010 with around 35 solutions.

As the number of solutions has grown, and as a way to feature top sales tools, I began publishing the Top Sales Tools of the Year Guides starting in 2013. Since then, the SalesTech market landscape has grown to nearly 600 solutions!

A noticeable change in graphic design trends along with a shiny new Smart Selling Tools logo four years later,  I’m thrilled to present this, our 6th annual Top Sales Tools of 2019 Guide.

Published as an online magazine using the latest technology offered by Issuu, this year’s guide provides detailed information and videos on solutions that will help you;

  • Target Accounts
  • Engage Prospects
  • Enable Salespeople
  • Close Deals
  • Manage & Report
  • UpSkill & Onboard

It’s got everything you could want in a Guide to Sales Technology. A description of each solution category, the top vendors awarded for each category, detail on each solution, video overviews, and ways to get in touch with each solution provider you’re interested in.

Smart Selling Tools The Top Sales Tools of 2019 Guide

There’s something for everyone in our guide  

From top of funnel to bottom of funnel; whether you’re warming up leads, or closing deals; no matter if you’re a newbie or a seasoned SalesTech expert, you’ll find something to help you get the job done.

Browse these top sales solutions of 2019 and comment below on those that look the most interesting to you!