shebang ebook banner1 The Whole Shebang on How to Sell Better and Sell More


1.     An entire system, everything, the works, groups of people, the whole package.
“the owner is running the whole shebang
2.     A place of shelter, a place to gather.

There are two definitions of the word shebang. One has to do with the entirety and cohesiveness of something, and the other has to do with a place to gather.

I’m a member of a shebang of sales leaders aptly named Sales Shebang. In our case, “Shebang” is also a play on the fact that it’s comprised of leading female sales experts from across the country (and some from around the world – shout out to you, Bernadette and Laura).

Once a year, we get together in what can only be described as a shebang of the second sort. It’s a place of shelter in that we gather under one roof for a few days and share ideas on strategies, processes, skill-sets, and technologies needed to build a strong sales organization and run a thriving business.

I cherish the once a year opportunity because, apart from re-connecting with all my sisters in the sales world, I leave a smarter, more enlightened and more motivated person. In the spirit of sharing, learning, and growing, each of us has were asked to share ideas, insights and expertise that could easily be put into practice.

This eBook is a culmination of that effort. You’ll find a whole shebang of sales knowledge from 23 experts, including Jill KonrathColleen FrancisTrish BertuzziColleen StanleyAndrea Waltz and Lori Richardson.

From strategy, positioning and planning to process, prospecting and closing, this eBook shares a wealth of opportunities for sales professionals to elevate confidence, engage with style, and earn more business.

In this eBook—amongst a multitude of additional things—you’ll learn:

  • How to Stop Scaring Your Prospects
  • What to Stop Doing to Grow Sales
  • Why You May Need a Commodity Escape Plan
  • How to Execute Online Video Meetings Flawlessly
  • 8 Reasons You May Be Struggling in Sales
  • 10 Steps Introverts Can Take to Become Top Sellers
  • How to Start Conversations that Grab Buyers at “Hello”
  • Effective Ways to Ask for Your Buyer’s Time
  • How to Take Sales Rejections from Obstacle to Asset

I’d like to give credit and thanks to Lori Richarson, our fearless leader, for spearheading this ebook, Lynn Hidy for her involvement, and to Janice Mars for managing the process and bringing the whole shebang into one ebook. I’d also like to thank Postwire for generously sponsoring the production of the ebook so that it can be shared with the world at no cost. Postwire has an exciting sales enablement tool for content marketers and sellers. Of special note, they have also been named one of my Topo 40 Sales Tools of 2013.

If you’re building your own shebang, whether it’s an entire company or an entire sales organization, you’ll benefit from the wealth of ideas from this ebook.

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