yin-yang-dancers The tango is a dance form that originated on the border between Uruguay and Argentina. Although it exists today in a variety of forms, one aspect is indisputably universal. Tango is a partner dance which means it involves a leader and a follower. One isn’t viewed to be superior to the other. Rather they are equal partners each needing a unique set of skills to perform their part of the dance.

In the spirit of the Eternal Tao, all things are composed of both halves of every polarity and so it should be in business.

In the Tao of Tango, author Johanna Siegmann states, “True happiness lies in the mutual embrace of both our energies. Only when we can draw on both these qualities will our Tango have the deep character for which it is so justly revered.”

If we’re to perform the “Revenue Tango” exquisitely, marketers and sellers need to embrace each other’s energies keeping in mind that even though Tango has a leader and a follower, neither role is superior. They are equal partners. Marketing and Sales have their primary roles but each must be in touch with both types of energies.

Having these energies in balance holds the promise of resolving the age-old division that has kept companies from performing an exquisitely beautiful dance.

Below are some of the fundamentals of Tango. See how well you’re positioned to perform a beautiful Revenue Tango.

The Connection:
“The first step to a better connection between Tango dances is to intend a connection. One must enfold his arms around the other with a loving energy. The other must have her heart energy directed to him, fully committed to the embrace.”

Okay, we’re not talking quite the same thing in business, but the crux of the sentiment holds. If you want Marketing and Sales to not just get along, but to perform a beautiful dance, the first step is to intend the connection. Have your Marketing and Sales teams fully committed to the intention of connecting in a meaningful way?

Your Environment:
“Your environment includes everything in the room other than you and your partner. An interesting, phenomenon occurs when everyone is connected to the other dancers because everyone is dancing to the same music.”

Are both marketing and sales hearing the same music? Do they share the same view of their environment. Are they even dancing in the same room?! They each must have the ability and the desire to view the environment from the other’s perspective.

“Tango requires both leader and follower to get in touch with, and to exercise, both the Yin and Yang parts of their own personalities—both halves of the whole that they are.”

How well does Marketing understand Sales’ challenges? Do they recognize, understand, and give credence to that part of them which is reflective of the sales part of their responsibilities? And how well does Sales understand Marketing’s challenges? Do they honor and respect marketing as an equally important element of the dance?

The Embrace:
“The embrace or “frame” emphasizes and facilitates the connection between the partners. The center of your chest is almost always facing the center of your partner’s chest. This alignment “aims” your energy and intention towards your partner.”

Are your Marketing and Sales organizations aligning their energies toward or apart from each other?

Adaptability & Creativity:
“This refers to the ability to change both reactively and deliberately. The act of adapting and the ability to invent is what grants freedom of movement.”

Reacting and adapting is fundamental to both Marketing and Sales. They must adapt not only to what’s happening in response to their activities and their environment, but also to what’s happening in the other’s activities and environment. Neither is right or wrong in their adaptability or the way they choose to react. Both must honor the flow and the creativity of the other.

Flaws that exist in the Revenue Tango are not what produce poor outcomes. Poor outcomes are produced by a lack of awareness, or a refusal to acknowledge the existence of problems.

If Sales and Marketing don’t understand what connects the two, and if they do not intend a connection, they cannot achieve it. It starts with knowing that the Revenue Tango requires both the Yin and Yang of Marketing and Sales .