3 Big Problems Sales Leaders Solve with Film Review

The numbers are telling. Teams who coach with film review are 30.2% more likely to hit quota.

After analyzing the behaviors of 100 sales managers, we found that top managers spent 30% more time on film review. In fact, a 3X increase in film review drove a 50% increase in win rates.

But film review isn’t just a good way to drive sales. It solves many problems throughout your sales process.

Here are three of the most critical:

1. It Helps Sellers Produce So Managers Can Reproduce

Many sales leaders get stuck in the weeds helping reps progress deals rather than finding time to build scalable, repeatable processes. Film review helps sales leaders better manage their time and frees up more time for coaching.

Rather than sit in on many calls and meetings to remain close to the customer, sales leaders can scale themselves by recording every sales touch-point. By doing so, sales leaders can then leverage AI to uncover trends across a large dataset of sales conversations, such as how to handle top objections or answer questions about competitors. They can then use these insights to improve their sales playbooks.

Sales leaders are also able to remain focused by identifying the deals and reps that need the most help, such as deals that may be at risk and potential high-value opportunities. Rather than spending time trying to correct behaviors, sales leaders can identify what high-performing reps do well and encourage these behaviors across the team through playlist sharing and by creating new performance benchmarks.

At the same time, the technology that powers film review can automate note-taking and CRM updates so reps spend less time on data-entry and more time closing.

2. It Improves Onboarding & Reduces Ramp Time

Overall, sales leaders are not particularly happy with their sales onboarding. We surveyed more than 100 sales leaders and found that 34.8% of sales leaders believe they have little to no formal sales training for new hires. 32.5% also say their teams are being inconsistently trained.

Yet onboarding is a critical touchpoint in sales organizations. It not only provides a platform to efficiently ramp reps to success, but it’s also where sales leaders establish the culture.

Film review can help establish a coaching culture – one where continuous improvement and collaboration are expectations and celebrated markers of your team’s success. It can reduce the risk associated with a “burn and learn” approach and the inconsistency of call shadowing many teammates with different styles. At Guru and other sales organizations, film review helped cut rep ramp time in half.

3. It Prevents Turnover & Improves Culture

60% of sellers say they’ll leave an organization if their manager is a poor coach. Yet 47% of sales managers spend less than 30 minutes per rep per week coaching. Reps that aren’t coached are 27% more likely to miss quota, which certainly doesn’t lead to a winning or highly motivating company culture.

Even worse: often when sales leaders think they’re coaching, reps don’t agree.  Only 48.2% of sales people say they are coached compared to 82.1% of sales leaders who say they coach their teams.

Film review not only helps managers scale coaching, but it also encourages comradery through peer-to-peer coaching. By motivating reps to comment on and share top calls, managers can scale best practices. At the same time, group film review can encourage reps to admit when they’re facing a challenge and ask the team for help.

Film review also fosters relationships between teams. Rather than share anecdotal feedback with cross-functional divisions, such as product, marketing, or Customer Success, sales teams can share snippets of film review that bring the voice of the customer to everyone at the organization.

This not only helps transfer knowledge more efficiently, but gives every team member direct access to the customer.

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This week’s post is by guest author, Natalie Severino, VP of Marketing for Chorus.ai, a conversation intelligence platform that helps sales people win more deals and helps sales leaders coach reps to become top performers with robust call recording, real-time transcription, and AI-based insights.