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Top 10 Blog Posts & SalesTech Acquisitions of 2019

Top 5 SalesTech Blog Posts​

Sales Tools to Increase Tradeshow ROI

The importance of Marketing & Sales Alignment is obvious when it comes to tradeshows. Tons of money and resources are spent on both sides. The consistent collection of prospect information, fast delivery of relevant content both at the show and in follow-up and a record of conversations and interest level of each prospect are critical.

Read “Sales Tools to Increase Tradeshow ROI” if you not only want to have better insight on event ROI but also want to ensure a higher ROI.

Transforming Sales: Active Demand vs Demand Gen

There’s a difference between Active Demand and Demand Generation. Active Demand already exists. It consists of accounts and people that are currently looking for your product or service. If you’re transforming your sales organization, avoid the temptation to speed-up processes that are themselves, in need of improvement.

Read “How Engaged Accounts can be Known and Treated More Effectively” to get ideas for transforming sales by discovering prospects that exhibit an active buying intent.

Looking at Sales Enablement From Two Different Lenses

There is a great deal of confusion and misalignment among practitioners, in part because of uncertainty about where sales enablement begins and ends. The differences in viewpoints primarily came down to whether you take a macro-level view of your sales organization or a more atomic view of individual salespeople.

Read “Looking at Sales Enablement From Two Different Lenses”  if you want to ensure you have a 360 degree view of Sales Enablement.

Transforming Sales: Leading Indicators

Think about the triggers that lead to transformation like a significant new product launch, or an influx of new hires. Consider metrics. The knee-jerk reaction is to tie everything to revenue or quota attainment, but those are lagging indicators. Instead, focus on ways to track leading indicators that represent the behaviors that lead to that long-term success.

Read “Areas That Benefit Organizations Who Take a Transformative Approach” for ideas on where to invest transformation dollars.

The 3 C’s Needed to Achieve Your Sales Training Goals

Sales Management Association’s latest research on Emerging Practices in Sales Training and Development hit on various aspects of sales training and enablement that we need to lift our game as sales enablement leaders.

Read “The 3 C’s Needed to Achieve Your Sales Training Goals” if you’re interested in the take-aways from a conversation with Bob Kelly about the research and what’s needed to achieve your training goals.


People always ask me “what’s exciting in the world of SalesTech.” While that calls for a long answer, there are two market categories that saw major vendor announcements recently, Sales Enablement, and Sales Training/Coaching.

Showpad, a top Sales Enablement vendor announced their D-Series funding in June of this year with a $70M infusion of capital.

Other significant movements in the Sales Enablement category are Seismic‘s acquisition of Percolate in November (and their acquisition of SAVO in 2018), Mediafly‘s acquisition of iPresent in September of this year, and Bigtincan‘s acquisition of not one, not two, but four companies (Zunos, Veelo, AsdeqLabs, and Xinnovation).

In the Sales Training and #SalesCoaching category, Brainshark acquired Rekener to add powerful data analytics to their offering.

DiscoverOrg Acquires ZoomInfo

The two companies are coming together to provide sales, marketing, and recruiting professionals access to the most trusted and comprehensive B2B data available in the market.

“Today, effective sales and marketing relies on data.  Being able to access that kind of data in a single place is something that every team is looking for,” notes John Donlon, Sr. Research Director at SiriusDecisions, a leading research and advisory firm

Seismic Acquires Percolate

By combining Seismic’s industry leading sales enablement and asset management functionality with Percolate’s content orchestration and campaign planning tools, marketers will have comprehensive control and agility to efficiently align the most compelling and personalized content wherever and whenever the customer interacts with their brand. The unification of two essential pillars in the marketing technology stack will also offer comprehensive insights and data for marketers to make full-scale, intelligent improvements to their entire content investment.

Mediafly Acquires iPresent

Mediafly, a provider of sales enablement technology, content management and advisory services that create interactive, value-based selling experiences, announced today it has acquired iPresent, a UK-based pioneer of sales enablement. The acquisition brings a sophisticated yet flexible sales enablement solution to any company, of any size and expands Mediafly’s global footprint.

“With our combined capabilities, Mediafly will be the sales enablement solution provider of choice for all companies,” said Keith Parrish, CEO of iPresent, incoming Mediafly EVP of European Operations.

Bigtincan Acquires Veelo

The combination of Bigtincan’s solution, designed with the mobile-first user in mind, and Veelo’s focus on traditional sales enablement with key enhancements for desktop and web solutions, will augment and compliment the different ways sales teams work, no matter which platform they choose.

“Veelo brings leadership expertise in the use of brain science, deep experience in the technology vertical and a leading team of experts who know how to win in our fast-growing market,” said David Keane, Co-founder and CEO of Bigtincan. 

Brainshark Acquires Rekener

The acquisition extends Brainshark’s position as an innovative force and leader in the sales readiness and enablement software market, with the most effective and comprehensive solutions for preparing client-facing teams to perform at the highest level.

With Rekener, Brainshark will provide cutting-edge visibility into sales team activities, behaviors and productivity, helping customers make real connections from improved readiness to increased revenue. 

I’m declaring 2020 to be the year of SalesTech. We’ll surely see additional investments and acquisitions, and a broader adoption of technology aimed at helping our sellers be more productive.

Nancy Nardin

Nancy Nardin

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