Top 20 Twitter Handles to Follow at Dreamforce 2019

Dreamforce is a giant event taking place in San Francisco (and by giant, I mean it’s the world’s largest technology conference with 170,000 people expected; takes over the entire city, and spans the course of 4 days).

With a pre-conference boot camp, 2,700+ sessions (518 of them categorized under the Sales role), certification opportunities, workshops, partner solutions, demos, it’s a lot to keep up with.

To make it easy, we came up with the top 20 Twitter handles to follow. You should also be sure to stop by some of the more compelling events taking place during the 4 days.

I’ve listed the sales events I’ll be attending below. Of course, there are the parties, the keynote by Barack Obama, the concerts, and the charity activities. But those are covered in lots of places like Dreamforce’s own site.

Important Recommendations

Before getting to it, and in case you’ve glossed over these recommendations elsewhere, here are a few words of advice. Trust me! Do not ignore:

  1. Take a water bottle. You’ll get thirsty, there’s a lot of walking and very few places to buy water. Dreamforce provides water refill stations so you’ll have no problem keeping hydrated.

  2. Bring as little as possible. Even your cell phone will feel heavy when you’re walking around with it for 8 hours. Plus, the less you bring, the less you have a chance of misplacing.

  3. Dress in layers and bring a compact umbrella. With San Francisco’s weather and the fact you’ll be in different environments, you’ll be hot one minute and chilly the next.

  4. Keep those fancy shoes at home in favor of the well-worn comfy shoes your feet can relax in.

Top people to follow at #df2019:

Top Sales Solution providers to follow at #df2019​

Adobe Document Cloud 




Cirrus Insight



Hippo Video





SmartCloud Connect


Private Event

SE Soiree

Booth 208 & SE Soiree

SE Soiree


Booth 511

OpsStars: Conversica Tap Room

SE Soiree

Booth 211

SE Soiree

SE Soiree & OpsStars

Private Event

SE Soiree

Booth 405

Booth 1239

Final Thoughts: It's a Once in a Year Opportunity

Dreamforce is an exciting event. It’s hard to keep up on all the exciting activities and announcements. To make it easier, I’ll be following these 20 Twitter handles during the 4-day event. From the top industry names to top sales solution providers, you’ll stay in the know.Share your thoughts with us by tweeting at @SellingTools.

Nancy Nardin

Nancy Nardin

Founder, Smart Selling Tools

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