What do Goldie Hawn, Foo Fighters, Susan Wojcicki, and Satya Nadella,  have in common? They’ll all be participating in this year’s Dreamforce 2015 event in San Francisco September 15-18. “Event” is perhaps not the right word to use. Dreamforce is the world’s largest gathering of Salesforce users, practitioners, and evangelists.  It’s equal parts party, celebration, inspiration, philanthropy and industry trade-show.

This year looks to be the biggest event of it’s 13 year history. More than 1500 sessions, more than 400 exhibitors, 21 keynotes, 25 parties, 2 rock concerts, and 5 opportunities to help charities on site, there is perhaps no bigger event for sales and marketers.

There is too much for anyone person to keep track of.  Whether or not you’ll be attending, you’ll want to keep up on the latest and to help you with that mission, we’re naming the top 30 Twitter handles to follow during Dreamforce week September 15-18.

The list is in alphabetical order. We recommend you follow them all!

1. Alinean@AlineanROI
The #1 reason sales reps fail to make quota is the inability for sales reps to effectively articulate your unique value. (SiriusDecisions). Alinean is your Value Agency to help you overcome this top challenge, creating the value messaging, interactive value selling tools and sales training you need to get sales reps to better communicate and quantify your unique value.
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2. Ambition @AmbitionSales
A performance management platform that combines cutting-edge gamification, data analytics and reporting automation, Ambition is used by sales, marketing and customer service professionals in a variety of industries, including logistics, homebuilding, insurance, e-commerce, recruiting, healthcare and information technology.
Booth 735 West

3. Apttus @Apttus
Apttus enables sales channels to sell more, sell bigger, and sell anywhere. Built within the Salesforce1 platform, Apttus CPQ boosts sales effectiveness by guiding users to the best possible quotes for all products, pricing, and channels. For a great list of parties and events, go to the special Apttus web site.
Booth 1309 North

4. Aviso @AvisoInc
Aviso delivers a powerful data-science driven sales performance solution to help sales leaders optimize sales performance, prioritize deals, deploy resources, and exceed sales goals.
Booth 1142 North

5. Avention @Aventioninc
Sales is all about pursuit: pursuit of the right prospects, pursuit of the right message, pursuit of the right applications. Avention helps you accomplish this trifecta. Avention gives you the most up-to-date, most accessible, and most comprehensive information.
Booth 1238 North

6. CallidusCloud @CallidusCloud
Transform your marketing & sales results with marketing automation, territory optimization, mobile learning, sales enablement, configure price quote and incentive compensation management, all in one suite, all in Salesforce with CallidusCloud.
Booth 301 West

7. ClearSlide @ClearSlide
ClearSlide helps sales & marketing organizations better engage customers to deliver better business outcomes. Pitch, sell, and close with ClearSlide’s all-in-one suite of products that help you focus more on the end user and less on technology.
Booth 1023 North

8. Clari @Clarihq
Clari gathers information from all your critical data sources like Salesforce.com, email, calendar, LinkedIn, and file storage, presents the content automatically as needed and provides a real-time view into deal progress and relationships.
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9. ConnectAndSell @ConnectAndSell
The ConnectAndSell solution combines best-in-class technology and a human touch. Together the two parts provide conversations quickly and offer a seamless transition from our platform to your conversation. Follow #SalesVelocity
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10. DemoChimp @DemoChimp
DemoChimp helps you drive buying consensus. With DemoChimp, you can automate custom product demos to jump close rates up to 44% and cut sales cycles by 68%. Deliver a custom video demo, personalized in real-time, so each prospect automatically learns about your solution in the most relevant way.
Booth 208 West & Four Seasons Register

11. DiscoverOrg @DiscoverOrg
DiscoverOrg helps sales and marketing sell smarter and more effectively. DiscoverOrg’s extensive datasets provide the contacts and context necessary to identify prime opportunities and access decision makers within the IT, Finance, and Marketing departments of Fortune-Ranked, Mid-Market, and SMB companies in North America and Europe.
Four Seasons Register

12. DocuSign @DocuSign
Thousands of sales organizations use DocuSign to get contracts signed more quickly than ever before. DocuSign gives you visibility and enhanced control over closing and booking every deal. Sales reps can use DocuSign right from within Salesforce CRM.
Booth 1109 North

13. Hushly @MyHushly
Use Hushly as your safety-net to capture more higher quality leads and increase the ROI of your gated content. Increase the ROI of your gated content and lead generation and discover and communicate with net new buyers you aren’t reaching today.
Booth 2200 North

14. InsideSales @InsideSales
InsideSales.com offers a sales acceleration platform built on Neuralytics, a predictive and prescriptive self-learning engine that drives revenue growth by delivering an optimized experience for both salesperson and buyer. The platform fuels sales rep performance and provides buyer personalization with breakthrough innovations in predictive sales communications, engagement tracking, forecasting, rep motivation and hiring.
Booth 1409 North

15. InsideView @InsideView
InsideView enables a broadly informed world where people have productive conversations powered by the best and most-actionable market intelligence. We provide B2B organizations with data, social and news insights, and business connections on their customers, leads, and partners to help drive marketing effectiveness and deliver sales results.
Booth 2124 North and Open Lounge Register

16. KnowledgeTree @KnowledgeTree
KnowledgeTree’s sales enablement & acceleration software uses Data Science to predict winning content that boosts sales productivity, to equip reps with best practice tools that accelerate sales, & to determine what content most effectively advances deals.It uses real sales results to proactively push best practice content to your reps, right in Salesforce.com. There’s no portal & no searching!
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17. LinkedIn Sales Navigator @linkedInSelling
LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps you find the right prospects, fast. With LinkedIn’s sophisticated algorithm, this sales tool gives you lead recommendations that are tailored to you. Easily save leads and follow updates of your prospects to turn cold calling into warm conversations.
Booth 1020 & 1022 North

18. LiveHive @LiveHive
LiveHive’s next generation sales acceleration platform, combines deep, real-time engagement analytics and email automation capabilities to uncover ways to trim inefficiency and bulk up your team’s productivity, email effectiveness, and follow-up timeliness.
Booth 2108 North

19. MobilePaks @mobilepaks
MobilePaks arms your sellers with content and training bursts predictively matched to prospect and buying cycle. They’ll get just-in-time support to take their selling conversations to the next level. Real-time, two-way feedback and behavior tracking give you insights on leading indicators of sales effectiveness, and which content helps close deals.
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20. PeopleLinx @PeopleLinx
The PeopleLinx product coaches every professional through a comprehensive and proven social selling process—from profile pages cleanup to network creation to social sharing and listening. The result?Increased productivity, decreased risk, and more touchpoints with the customers you’re trying to reach.
Booth 1038 North

21. PROS @PROS_Inc
PROS solutions give you data-driven customer insights that lift the performance of your entire sales team, from picking the right deals and prices to quoting faster and more profitably. PROS determines customers with similar profiles and purchasing patterns to know where the market is, what to offer, and what prices and discounts will win the deal.
Booth 1509 North

22. Qstream @Qstream
Blending mobile, gamification, brain science and big data, Qstream allows you to measure and manage the strengths of your sales force in just minutes a day. Engage reps in fun, scenario-based sales challenges delivered directly to their mobile device. A sophisticated analytics engine takes it from there, synthesizing team responses to deliver management and performance insights including targeted coaching opportunities and confidence indicators.
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23. Qvidian @Qvidian
Qvidian provides cloud-based sales execution solutions enabling companies to more easily access, assemble, deliver, and measure sales content to save selling teams time while improving effectiveness and optimizing productivity. Get real-time insight to ensure sales teams do what’s needed to win, and drive repeatable sales methodologies.
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24. SalesPredict @SalesPredict
Who’s most likely to buy, who’ll buy more and who will churn? SalesPredict can show you. SalesPredict uses predictive analytics + your CRM and marketing automation system data + thousands of external data sources to provide accurate predictive lead and account scores. Enhanced data and buying signal insights help you find and close more prospects faster.
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25. SAVO Group @Savo_Group
Reinforce your sales process and accelerate sales opportunities right from CRM. SAVO’s CRM Opportunity Pro shows the moving pieces of each deal, in real-time, so you can leverage opportunity-specific information to move deals forward, faster.
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26. Seismic @SeismicSoftware
Seismic’s content platform serves up contextually-relevant sales materials reps can personalize for each sales interaction. And with Seismic’s LiveSend feature, sales reps are notified when an attachment they send is opened and how long the recipient spent on each page. Content analytics allow marketing and sales teams to view the usage of materials, down to a single sales rep or piece of content.
Booth 1132 North 

27. SpringCM @Springcm
SpringCM helps get your deals closed faster by automating the biggest bottleneck in your sales cycle: the contract management process. Increase the efficiency of every person in your organization who works with documents like contracts, marketing collateral or NDAs.
Booth 1031 North

28. Velocify @Velocify
Velocify Pulse will help your high-velocity sales teams rapidly respond to new prospects, prioritize daily sales activity, drive more consistent selling practices, and generate predictable revenue. Sell at a faster, smarter pace with Velocify.
Booth 2039 & 1836 North & Dream Lounge Drake SF 508 4th Street Register

29. VorsightBP @VorsightBP
VorsightBP, is focused on helping companies recognize that there really is a revolutionary alternative to the historical mediocrity of sales training. We believe the time has come to replace hope with results, theoretical with practical, complicated with elemental.
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30. Yesware @Yesware
Yesware is an all-in-one sales toolkit that helps salespeople connect with prospects, track customer engagement, and close more deals, right from Gmail, Outlook, or an iPhone. Automatically sync tracked sales emails, calls, and presentations to Salesforce without leaving your inbox. Reach the right customers in the right way, at the right time with Yesware Email Templates, Send Later, Mail Merge, Click-to-Call phone dialer, and email reminders.
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Or, click here to follow all 30 vendors at once! Of course Smart Selling Tools will also be there covering the event and reporting on what we see and hear. Follow us at @sellingtools and @SmartMktTools

And as a special offer for the Smart Selling Tools community, download the xIQ iPhone app. They’ve set up an amazing app that will provide you with full coverage of all of the Dreamforce 2015 exhibitors. You’ll get news on the companies, people, sales experts and more and can easily see their twitter handles and tweet and retweet.

Be sure to register for our VIP Dream Lounge right on 4th Street (same street as Moscone Center). You’ll have a chance to win $1,000 cash, or an Apple Watch. We’re also providing free LinkedIn headshots by a professional photographer. If you’ve been wanting to get an updated headshot, now is the time.

You’ll also hear Dream Talks by 18 Sales Industry Gurus, every 30 minutes. Network, get refreshments, recharge your cell phones, and enjoy a comfy seat away from the maddening crows.

Hope to meet you there!