Today, we’ve released the names of those who have made it into our Top Marketing Tools of 2016 Guide. These are a select group of products that reflect the high degree of innovation going on in our industry.

This year, we’ve included two Account-Based categories and will officially declare 2016 as the year of Account-Based Marketing (Sellers have been doing this for years).

Account-based Marketing and Sales Intelligence solutions are helping companies align their sales and marketing organizations in a way they never could before.

Account-based Marketing companies like Terminus with its platform for identifying accounts and tracking engagement across channels to companies like LeadGnome with its web-based service that mines campaign email replies to identify key people in accounts and Engagio which aims to be the Account-based-Everything platform, are each innovators in this space.

Our Interactive Marketing category recognitions include Alinean which offers online and tablet-based diagnostic assessments, benchmarking, value storytelling, ROI / TCO analysis tools, plus realized ROI tools, and ION Interactive whose Sell-Side solution includes solution configurators, self-assessments, budget calculators, and more.

Other categories include Reference Advocacy, Content Marketing & Selling, Predictive Lead Development, Mobile Content Marketing, and Top of Funnel Marketing.

For the Top Marketing Tools Guide, we’ve selected companies whose products are bridging the divide between Marketing and Sales initiatives ensuring that activities are coordinated, and outcomes are measured.

Use the Top Marketing Tools of 2016 Guide to find tools to help make 2017 your best year yet. And while you’re at it, visit our Top Sales Tools of 2016 Guide – Final Cut also released today. You’ll find solutions for any level of your sales stack.

Look for Account Planning, Skills Development, Field Sales, Inside Sales and more. The solutions all fit nicely into our Hierarchy of Revenue Needs™ model. For a full rundown of the hierarchy, download the 3-Step Guide to Building a Sales Stack.

The sales and marketing tools landscape is vast. Let our Top Sales & Marketing Tools Guides help you cut your path through the technology jungle.