The Top Sales Tools of 2020

Now is a great time to invest in technology for sales. I’m not talking about CRM – presumably, you have that already. I’m talking about one of the 600 SalesTech solutions that aren’t CRM.

I don’t advocate for spending on shiny objects, but those of you who haven’t opened your eyes beyond the narrow squint of CRM… you’re missing out.

CRM can’t do everything. It can’t help sellers find the perfect content for each sales situation – but Sales Enablement Solutions can.

CRM can’t help your sellers practice their sales techniques and get coaching from their managers and peers, but Skills Development solutions can.

CRM can’t help you target the best accounts – you know – the ones that are most likely to buy now, but Account Targeting solutions can.

So many more examples  exist of what CRM can’t, and isn’t designed, to do.

Stop relying on CRM alone to bolster your sales. It won’t happen. 

Beyond CRM

I already mentioned, that there are more than 600 sales solutions on the market. There are 44 categories of sales solutions, that is, 44 different types of solutions with CRM being just one of them.

I’m not suggesting you move away from CRM: To the contrary. I’m suggesting you think through the challenges that keep your sales teams from generating as much revenue as they can, and seek out the solutions that will help.

We’re making that an easier proposition for you to consider. Today, we announced our annual Top Sales Tools of the Year awards presented in a beautifully crafted guide (thanks to Turtl one of our Top Tools). 

Use this guide to short-list the 600 vendors down to a manageable 23 solutions that you can count on to make a difference to your organization. 

Start with your Why

Ask yourself why you might want to consider adding one or more sales technology solutions. Is it because you want your salespeople to have better outcomes? Is it because you want more of your B players to become A players? There isn’t a sales leader alive today, who isn’t looking to achieve better outcomes.

Wanting more sellers to hit their sales targets isn’t granular enough. Think about what’s keeping them from doing that today.

Hitting targets may be the highest-level “why,” but there are many underlying factors that go into that goal.

Consider asking salespeople directly, what’s eating up their time or keeping them from being as effective as possible. Then match the solutions to those factors.

We’ve highlighted 7 different areas that can address a multitude of “whys” including those that help you:

  • Close Deals
  • Enable Sales
  • Target Accounts
  • Engage Prospects
  • Manage & Coach
  • Equip Field Sellers
  • Upskill Reps

Take the First Step

Take a moment to read the guide. You’ll no doubt be inspired by the choices and discover one or two solutions that can make a difference for your sales organization.

I chose these vendors not only because they have solid technology but also because they have a reputation for working closely with customers to ensure their success. That is, after-all, the most important factor. The last thing you want is to sign up for a solution and then be left to fend for yourself and to struggle with obtaining the desired result.

Go take a look at the guide and let me know the solutions you find to be the most interesting.

Nancy Nardin

Nancy Nardin

Founder, Smart Selling Tools

Backed by 30 years of experience as a sales executive in information technology and the analyst industry. Nancy is the founder of the popular website which offers free resources for sellers to learn about sales technology. Having created the widely recognized “Nancy Nardin’s SalesTech Landscape,” a graphic of the entire sales technology market, Nancy has been recognized as a top industry sales thought leader including being named by LinkedIn as a Top 15 Sales Influencer to follow on LinkedIn for 2019 and 2020.