June 15th Webinar

This session focuses on practical steps to reinforce your sales process and deliver the perfect content to sellers based on deal context without leaving their CRM by leveraging the latest improvements in guided selling. You will hear real-world case studies, including how:

  • Surfacing the right content tailored to the context of each deal improved conversion rates for Autodesk by 10-15%
  • Using real-time customer engagement data identified at-risk opportunities, helping Athena Health improve forecast accuracy by 50-60%
  • Leveraging engagement insights for coaching reduced on-boarding time at Digital First Media by 4-5x and helped leaders achieve forecasting goals

Join Nancy Nardin, Founder & CEO of Smart Selling Tools and Drashti Patel, Product Marketing Lead at ClearSlide to learn how to easily put approved content in the hands of sellers and guide them through the sales process. Find out the success organizations similar to yours have achieved with a complete Sales Engagement Platform that combines content, integrated communications, and actionable insights.

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