Speed Rep Time-to-First-Deal and Drive Pipeline Growth with Mobile Video Sales Learning

Technology has raised the bar for preparing both new and veteran sellers alike. Trends such as video microlearning and just-in-time training empower sellers to learn anywhere, at any time, through more personalized experiences. Sean Goldie, ‎Director of Field Sales Enablement at ‎Apptio, discusses how they’re using technology to elevate their sales learning program. Hear about Apptio’s return on investment with the Allego platform, including saving over $300,000 in onboarding costs and slashing their reps’ time to first deal by four months.

We saw our time-to-first-deal move from 9 months at the start, to 4 months in just 2 quarters.

- Sean Goldie, ‎Director of Field Sales Enablement at ‎Apptio