The State of the B2B Buying Experience Survey

For this specific survey, conducted in April 2018, TimeTrade spoke to more than 300 B2B buyers, representing a cross-section of goods and services, company sizes and vertical markets. Our survey asked participants questions about their professional buying experiences, as well as their personal ones.

The goal of our 2018 B2B Buyer Experience Survey was to better understand the answers to the following questions including; What are the common gaps or challenges buyers experience when making purchases for work (B2B) versus purchases for home/personal use (B2C), and what impact does this experience have on their ultimate buying decision?

Industry research consistently shows that buyers, when making B2B purchases for work, increasingly demand the same easy, frictionless experience they now routinely enjoy in their private life. Buyers are consumers first, and their experience as consumers influences their B2B buying behavior.

- Gary Ambrosino, CEO TimeTrade