What Causes a Disconnect Between Salespeople and Sales Tools?

There’s so much talk about Salespeople refusing to use sales tools. I’ve heard people reason that salespeople are lazy, that they aren’t tech savvy, that they’re stubborn. Those things may or may not be true for your sellers. Regardless, those aren’t the reasons salespeople don’t adopt tools. It’s really not complicated.

Disconnects occur when reps don’t experience value for THEMSELVES.

If reps aren’t using the tools – it’s usually one of two reasons:

  1. They don’t know how to use it effectively (and so they haven’t experienced the value)
  2. The downside of using the tool outweighs the upside ( in other words – it’s just not “worth” it for them)

A reps’ time is finite. The best reps will fiercely protect that time for things that add value. They’ll always gravitate to the tools and the processes that help them accomplish their goals faster or with less work (or stress).

My advice is not to argue the merits of a sales solution. You won’t win the argument. Find out why it’s not being used or valued, and correct it if you can. Less often, it’s not that the solution is of low value or of poor fit. More often, it’s on how the solution was rolled out and communicated or demonstrated to salespeople. Don’t ditch the tool or mandate the use until you’ve clearly understood and communicated the value it brings to your sellers so they’ll want to use it.