Every neighborhood has one of those houses!

You know the kind I’m talking about: the one that gives out the really good candy at Halloween. Kids remember who gives the good stuff – like the chocolate candy bars.

And they remember who gives out the “bad” stuff – like fruit snacks.

Don’t get me wrong. There are lots of reasons why fruit snacks are best for kids. It’s just that kids don’t care. They don’t trick-or-treat because they want nutritious food.

They trick-or-treat because they want to satisfy their desire for sweets. The same is true for prospects.

If you want prospects to knock on your door, you’ll need to offer what they want most. And what they want most is not your solution.

When you pitch your solution, it’s as unappealing to prospects as a fruit snack is to kids. It’s not why they’re knocking on your door.

It’s boring. It doesn’t taste all that great. And every parent (vendor) is trying to convince them it’s what they should want.

If you want to fulfill a prospect’s craving, give them the sweet satisfaction that comes with eliminating problems. That’s why they’re knocking on your door in the first place.

That’s what they really want from you.

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Nancy Nardin

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