What Should Sales Enablement Technology Enable?

In the first half of this paper, we set out to answer two questions: What, exactly, is sales enablement; and what, exactly, should it enable? In the second half, we discuss best practices for establishing an effective sales enablement system that enables what matters. To reach our conclusions, we surveyed sales executives, directors, managers, and frontline salespeople for their answers to these questions. Then we interviewed sales enablement experts including Tamara Schenk of CSO Insights. Finally, we incorporated a brief case study that demonstrates the results that are possible from understanding and implementing effective sales enablement.

No doubt, sales enablement is a very fast growing discipline. Just five years ago, only 19% of our study participants had an enablement function or initiative. Last year, it was one-third, and this year it’s 59%. That’s an impressive growth, indeed.

- CSO Insights Sales Enablement Study 2017