Why an Industry Giant Left Their Traditional CRM

Global Marine Group is a market leader in offshore engineering and underwater services. The company has a legacy of 165 years in deep and shallow water operations, and operates all over the globe.

In a recent sales effectiveness review, the organization’s leadership determined that their existing CRM was not serving their team’s needs.

While Salesforce is a world-class product, the problem was that their installation was ineffective. They had invested in customization of the platform, but hadn’t kept up with it.

As a result, they had limited their own productivity.

They decided to make a bold change. With Membrain as their new platform the nature of their customer conversations has started to change, and sales leaders are able to adopt a more focused approach to improving key performance indicators such as qualified lead velocity and win rate. 

Scroll down to read the case study to learn more on how their decision was made, and the beginning of their journey with Membrain.

The Membrain team was focused on our business outcomes. They understood that what we wanted to do was to sell more. They showed that their platform could help us focus on why we win and why we don’t win.

- Ian Bryan, Director of Corporate Development for GMG