At Smart Selling Tools, our goal is to make it easy to find tools that will improve sales productivity. Plain and simple – except we know that for most sales leaders and business owners it’s in fact, very complex. That’s because you’re either running the business or the revenue engine, and you have little time (or patience) to catch up on the latest technology.

Even if you are interested (which, come on, you know you are), there are so many sales tools – including more than a hundred CRM systems – that it’s enough to drive a smart person crazy. That’s why I’m excited to announce the launch of our new sister site, The Sales Productivity University.

Sales Productivity UniversityThis new eLearning site is a place where you can take short-courses to learn about different types of sales tools. Our goal is to keep it simple, and to stay away from industry jargon that over-complicates things.

Ease any inferiority complex you may be feeling about sales tools and cut through the hype. At Sales Productivity University, you’ll complete your course in 20 minutes or less.

It’s free to register and it’s free to take the courses.  You’ll have all the knowledge you need so you can decide with confidence, which tools will be useful to you or your organization.

Look, every week I hear from dozens of people that feel overwhelmed and under-prepared when it comes to sales tools. They feel they’re behind in the game when it comes to understanding what’s ‘out there’ and what they should consider. It shouldn’t be so complicated. That’s what Sales Productivity U is all about. Our first course is on eSignatures. It’s a great place to start. Try it out and let me know what you think. Follow us on Twitter @SalesProUniv for the latest on course curriculum and daily updates.