Sales tech decision makers suffer from information overload and have to wade through a lot of marketing hype. It doesn’t take long for decision fatigue to kick in. That’s why we publish helpful and free resources—to reduce those frustrations and cut through all the noise.

Throughout 2017, we interviewed leaders of 26 top sales solution providers asking the same questions of each of them.

We started with “Why?”

It’s just one three-letter word and yet it serves buyers so powerfully well. Why should I care? Why should I buy your product? Why would someone need your solution?

Their full interviews are available on our blog. But you can see how they each answered the “WHY” question in the first edition of our SalesTech Interview Magazine.

Find out which solution said their “why” was because buyers seek to cut through the noise and madness, and as a result, they’re turning to their peers for answers…peers they trust, who have felt the same frustrations.

Or “why?” because relationships are built by sales people with customers via email, phone calls, and meetings, not through CRM. Sales teams need to access and update the CRM without having to go into Salesforce ever again.

Or “why?” because corporations spend millions on classroom training and sales kick-offs, yet the ROI simply isn’t there – in fact, studies indicate that participants in curriculum- and lecture-based training forget more than 80 percent of the information taught within 90 days.

You don’t need technology, you need to solve problems which are identified with the all important “Why” question.

Download your free copy of the Magazine here and see which solutions answer YOUR “why”.