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Zuant Delivers Universal Access to Mobile Lead Capture with Release of Android Version


Zuant, an award-winning mobile lead capture cloud solution, announces Zuant for Android. Until now Zuant has been available only for iOS devices. The Android platform currently powers 2.5 billion devices worldwide. The goal for creating the Android version is to provide universal access to the platform.

According to Statista, Apple iOS continues to hold its large share of the smartphone operating systems’ market within the United States, but Google Android remains the market leader with a 51.8 percent share in September 2019.

“We understand the dramatic impact of COVID 19 on the events industry because we’re so much part of it ourselves,” said Peter Gillett, CEO of Zuant. “Our decision to port to Android was made early last year in an effort to give everyone access regardless of their preferred mobile platform. Even during this time of pandemic we want the market to be prepared when the market returns.”

Zuant has earned a reputation for being the premium product to streamline the process of GDPR compliant lead retrieval, content presentation and automated integration with marketing automaton/CRM systems. Brand compatibility is enhanced with the option of using Zuant Custom Skins to reflect the company’s corporate identity and/or current marketing campaign.

Zuant for Android gives event marketers and sales people around the world the ability to effectively capture leads and process them through the customer journey to drive sales revenue. The same Zuant functionality used at events can now be rolled out for everyday use on the road, organizing lead follow-up from virtual events and webinars.

Key Benefits:

1. Zuant is an easy to use lead retrieval system – No more renting scanners at events that are cumbersome, non-compliant and limited.

2. Using the iOS version and OCR technology, show workers can share current literature and videos on their mobile devices – replacing the need to ship printed collateral to every venue.

3. Zuant Vault ensures the very highest data privacy standards combined with an easy GDPR Opt-in system that is shared with all of a client’s Zuant mobile devices on an ongoing basis. This eliminates the irritation of multiple opt-ins when dealing with the same contact.

4. Zuant’s integration with marketing automation and CRM systems improves productivity of those working the booth and ensures qualified sales leads are sent immediately to the correct sales executive for immediate post show follow-up.

Zuant combines event badge scanning with the option of high speed business card scanning using OCR technology to transcribe the data. Event managers and sales reps access their company’s content marketing portfolio when meeting with prospects in real time, and capture additional lead qualifying questions on mobile devices.

Lead data is fed directly into their Marketing Automation and CRM systems for lead nurturing and sales follow-up back at home base, as part of the overall streamlined process.

About Zuant

Zuant is a native iOS App that now runs on Android phones. The solution can run offline and synchronize with its Zuant Cloud portal when an internet connection is available. This makes it ideal for any environment, and can be left in kiosk mode collecting data from the public, which in turn can be viewed in a central global location using multiple questionnaire forms and languages. Fully GDPR compliant, data is collected with the highest level of security and privacy.

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